Online barber shop app

If you own a barbershop and want to implement the latest marketing trends for your business, the best thing you can do is incorporate the use of a mobile app to increase customer traffic to your barbershop. A mobile application for making online reservations is very useful and saves you time, as well as being a huge advantage for customers, as they don’t have to waste time calling the receptionist, and asking for information about the types of services offered there. , or to reserve a specific date. If you are still reluctant to use a mobile app for your haircut, here is a list of its advantages:


●24/7 Hours: Sometimes it is difficult for clients to contact the hair salon during business hours, because they may be very busy during the day. However, when businesses use the app, it gives customers the opportunity to book appointments online, regardless of the day and time. Even if the employees are not working and the barbershop is closed, customers can make appointments.

Ease of scheduling appointments: Most barbershops have a receptionist who is responsible for handling customer calls and scheduling appointments with customers, so when there are multiple calls at the same time, while the receptionist is handling one call, she has to put the others on hold or simply not serve it, which can cause you to lose valuable customers. Instead of hiring a receptionist, it’s better to hire a professional to program a mobile app for you that will benefit your business in many ways. Clients can self-schedule their reservations at the date and time available in the app, saving time for both clients and workers. If you need help and you live in Chile, you can contact professionals close to you, working with 2×3.


●Reviews: Customers can leave their comments on the app and share them on their social networks. The comments and opinions you write will help them recognize the failure of your business, so you can work on it to improve your service. ​ Anyone using the app will be able to see the comments and if there are a lot of positive reviews, you can improve your business position in the market.

Sending notifications: Some clients are recurring, while others only go to the barbershop sporadically. Having a mobile application allows you to get in touch with clients by sending notifications about service offers and discounts, as well as sending exclusive materials about haircuts, beard styles, etc., which will catch the attention of potential clients.

●Digital payments: Some customers prefer not to carry cash with them, therefore, it is very easy to make payments virtually through applications that allow money exchange in various forms of payment. Ordering apps are common in the IT market, and while there are many options, some businesses prefer to hire a developer or company to build their own app from scratch. Before choosing the type of application to use, make sure you first identify your business needs.

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