Why do you have to hydrate the skin of your body when the cold arrives?

It seems that covered by layers of clothing. The skin will survive the winter without problems. But it’s not like that…

As soon as you hide your skin under tights and pants, body moisturizer moves to third place in your body care priorities. But now, and not more than ever, but simply as you do in summer, you must take care of all the skin on your body, and we will tell you the reasons.

Haven’t you noticed that, sometimes, winter skin shows a dull and withered appearance, with arid areas and even minor flaking? Common sense says that if we keep it protected from the cold, the sun, and the weather, it hides under layers of clothing –pants, boots, coats; come on, the winter kit in short–, the skin will live those months like a queen and will arrive in spring ready to dazzle.

But it’s not like that. First, because we pay less attention to it, we don’t exfoliate or hydrate as much as in summer because we don’t have to repair the damage caused by days at the beach. But, beyond letting our guard down, the skin behaves differently depending on the season. Ignacio Ortega, the plastic surgeon and aesthetics expert at Face Clinic (faceclinic.es), reveals a few details that should be considered.

The skin becomes more dehydrated.

“In winter, the capillaries in the skin contract to prevent heat loss. At the same time, the sebaceous glands tend to hibernate and slow down sebum production. Conclusion? There is greater dehydration, especially in dry skin, so the main challenge is to keep it well hydrated”.

Beware of scalding showers

With the cold, we want to raise the temperature of the water, sometimes to the point that we run the risk of cooking or steaming. “Very hot water causes flaccidity, on the one hand; and on the other, the capillaries tend to dilate a lot and, if they break, they will turn into spider veins. It is absolutely contraindicated in case of varicose veins or heavy legs. Although it is less comfortable, the ideal is contrast showers, which consist of starting with warm water (38º) and finishing on the legs with a jet of fresh water (22º)”.

Expert advice

“Daily hydration with milk or lotion for normal skin. The dry ones will appreciate oils several times a week and the fats, unique formulas to avoid the formation of pimples. As for exfoliation, it is best to add a few drops of essential oil of argan or rosemary or sweet almonds to soften its effects.

The body milk is based on calendula and chamomile from Amapola Bio Cosmetics. A 100% natural formula perfect for normal skin.

Aveda Creme Cleansing Oil Stress Fix. This cleansing cream relieves stress through smell, thanks to the delicious mix of plants in its formula. The perfect plan is to take a shower before going to sleep and let the aroma work during sleep.

Eucerin UreaRepair Nourishing Balm. It is a miracle for dehydrated skin because it instantly eliminates the symptoms –of tightness and itching. And the best: it is absorbed in a second.

Acniben Body by Isdin. With glycolic and salicylic acid, it is formulated to treat pimples that appear on the back or neckline. It is a spray applied 10 cm from the skin and then massaged until it penetrates.

Magir’s horsehair glove. For many dermatologists, the healthiest way to remove dead skin cells. The secret? Massage gently, without pressing.

Atlantia foot repair cream. The feet also suffer in winter, so do not forget them. Use a specific cream for them like this one based on aloe vera at night, making it penetrate with a good massage so that your feet go to sleep very relaxed.

Banana Body Butter from The Body Shop. Butters are the perfect solution to soften those areas of the body that are most dry: knees, heels, and elbows. Use minimal amounts because it has a very dense texture that must be penetrated with a massage.

You are revitalising Body Mist Hamman from Rituals. A shot of energy. Our proposal: spray your body with this mist based on rosemary and eucalyptus after the shower, and you will conquer the world.

Havana Blues Body Scrub, by & Other Stories. Delicate sugar crystals flavoured with tobacco leaf and jasmine, and lemon.

Caudalie Thé des Vignes body oil. A mixture of oils –grape, hibiscus, sesame and argan–, shea butter and active antioxidant ingredients hydrate the body‘s skin in one gesture. It is absorbed in a second and leaves no traces.

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