Why do we resort to changes in our hair when we are going through a bad stage? What reasons make us change our look when we are wrong? Find out how to deal with it.

At some moments in our lives we can become overwhelmed in such a way that we feel completely overwhelmed. Whether you’re going through a long-standing relationship breakup, starting a new job, or moving, these emotionally intense periods can make you want to cut your hair right away. But why does this effect happen?

Why do we cut our hair when we are emotionally bad?

There are some common reasons why we can go for a haircut because we are going through a bad time on an emotional level:

We feel that we have control: The main reason why we can make a change in our hair due to emotional problems is to feel that we have some control in our lives. That is, some people can respond to stress by clinging to things they can control, such as our physique or hair. Furthermore, having a change can also boost our confidence and make us feel better about ourselves.
Frustration: When a person feels unhappy or frustrated with themselves, they may resort to a haircut, since the change can make us feel happier. The reason is that feeling more attractive can increase our endorphins, although we must bear in mind that this effect is short-lived.
Nostalgia: Over time, both our bodies and our hair change. In fact, many people can resort to a haircut or a makeover looking for the image they had when they were younger.
Addiction: Cutting your hair or looking for a change in our hairstyle can also be an addiction. The reason is that we want novelty because it creates a secretion of endorphins in our brain, which makes us feel temporarily happy. In other words, many people can seek happiness precisely in these ephemeral moments, although over time it ends up being counterproductive.
You are looking for a change: Many people may resort to cutting their hair to try to reinvent themselves and change something in their lives. This can happen when we are facing a very difficult time and are actively seeking change.

These may be some of the main reasons why a person may seek a haircut when emotionally down. We must remember that this change will not help us beyond experiencing some joy in the first moments. Therefore, if you think that you are looking for this change for a psychological reason, we recommend that you go to a professional psychologist.

Cutting our hair can be an easy way to achieve instant gratification. That is, when it seems that everything is falling apart, we can change our appearance as a kind of liberation. In fact, the reward system in our brain will provide us with dopamine when we achieve this quick fix, making us feel good for a short period of time.

Is it good to resort to a change of look?

Cutting your hair isn’t the best coping mechanism, but it’s not a bad thing either. Changing our appearance can be a ‘healthy’ distraction from the negative thoughts that can haunt our minds in a bad period of our lives. Feeling like we’ve changed on the outside can also help us feel refreshed on the inside.

Even so, a haircut done for an emotional theme should not be the only strategy to deal with stress or problems, since it can make us avoid emotions during this situation.

How to control this impulse?

Although there is no need to fight this urge, if you feel like you really don’t want it and are looking for it to placate certain emotions or feelings, you should understand that there are better ways to deal with it. Therefore, the first step when in doubt is to ask yourself why you want to do it, before making a hasty decision.

If you feel the need to cut your hair and you think it may be due to an emotional issue, try to wait at least one day to do it, if you still really want to and there are no doubts, take the step.

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