The stuffed animal remains children’s favorite toy. Small, sometimes large, compact, soft and above all very cute, children love stuffed animals. To the point that they have at least two stuffed animals in their room. For the luckiest of them, their children’s room is inhabited by a real stuffed animal family.

As baby grows, his stuffed animals take up space and eventually disinterest him. We have thought for you to guide you in choosing the future of your plush.

Let’s discover together how to give a second life to your stuffed animal.


1. Why donate stuffed animals?

2. What types of stuffed animals can be donated?

3. Where to give your stuffed animals in France?

4. Where to give your old stuffed animals that are too worn out?

1. Why donate stuffed animals?

In a world where the second hand is anchored in people’s consciences, it is important to think about the right ways to give a second life to your toys or stuffed animals. There are various possibilities to get rid of your stuffed animals. Indeed, you can recycle your plush, sell your plush or donate your plush.

The gift of stuffed animals is a good deed to benefit other children who are sometimes in need.

Discover the reasons why you can donate stuffed animals:

You want to make a donation for the most deprived children or sick children.
Your little one is no longer old enough to play with stuffed animals.
Your stuffed animal reminds you of bad childhood memories.
You have too many fluff.
You have received a plush as a gift that you do not like.
Your stuffed animal is a gift from your ex.

The right reason does not exist! Everyone has their own reason for donating stuffed animals. We have just listed some reasons that we have already heard.

2. What types of stuffed animals can be donated?

The gift of stuffed animals is increasingly common in France. Let’s discover together the models of stuffed animals that we can donate and the conditions to respect to make a stuffed animal donation.

Here are the different stuffed animals eligible for plush donation in France:

Stuffed animals of all sizes
Plush backpacks
Plush hot water bottles
The puppets
Night light stuffed animals
Animal armchairs

However, there are a few important rules regarding the condition of stuffed animals for donation.

You must ensure that the plush meets the “CE” standard. In addition, the condition of the plush you want to give is impeccable. We mean, a clean plush that has been thoroughly cleaned, with no tears, with its original stuffing, with all of its limbs, working condition of the electronics for the case of a plush night light and the waterproofness of the hot water bottle in the case of a hot water bottle and the presence of the bag in the case of a removable hot water bottle.

In which case your plush has anomalies that do not comply with the conditions for plush donation in France, you can, if you wish, correct its errors yourself by stuffing your plush or mending it.

Otherwise, there are some associations that collect and restore children’s stuffed animals and other toys. For example, the rejouĂ© association collects, cleans, sorts and repairs your stuffed animals.

Be careful, not all associations take care of the restoration of the plush, find out from them before making the donation to avoid unpleasant surprises.

3. Where to give your stuffed animals in France?

In France, we are lucky to have many organizations that collect your stuffed animals. You will find many associations, toy stores, orphanages, hospitals, schools and even recycling companies.

The stuffed animals you give will have a second life that is soft and full of happiness. They will be used and distributed to sick children or families in need.

Donate stuffed animals to an association

Let’s discover together some associations that recover stuffed animals in France:

Catholic Relief Services
Les Restos du Coeur
The Red Cross
People’s Aid
let your heart speak

To make your donations, simply contact its associations to find out about the donation process.

Donate stuffed animals to orphanages

To make a “plush donation” to an orphanage, all you have to do is search for the orphanages in your department or region in order to contact them. They will give you the necessary procedures and the procedure to follow to make your donation.

Donate stuffed animals to hospitals

The stuffed animal donated to hospitals will be used for young hospitalized children. To make your donation, simply contact the nearest hospital to ask them if they accept the donation of stuffed animals.

Many hospitals accept donations of toys and stuffed animals that help children through difficult times in the hospital.

Donate soft toys to nurseries or schools

It is not uncommon for some nurseries or schools to collect animal toys or stuffed animals. Contact the crèches around your home if you wish to donate your stuffed animals.

You can also think of your loved ones! The gift of stuffed animals is not reserved for associations. If you know someone in need or a family member who loves the stuffed animal you have, don’t hesitate to give it to them!

This person will be happy that you are giving your cuddly toy a second life by handing over custody to them.

4. Where to give your old stuffed animals that are too worn out?

Old stuffed animals are stuffed animals that have tears or other abnormalities that make them ineligible for donation.

For these old stuffed animals, we advise you to deposit them in a textile recycling bin or to deposit them in a recycling center. Your cuddly toy can be reused for other purposes that are certainly just as joyful!

It’s time to donate your stuffed animals! Now that you know the different plush collection organizations, you can choose the organization of your choice.

In each of the organizations, your donation will make someone happy who will leave with your magnificent stuffed animal and a smile from ear to ear!

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