The pandemic has changed many habits in our lives. Most of them are temporary, but others are running to become permanent. The strongest candidate to achieve this within fashion is, without a doubt, the growing care for home clothes.

Until not so long ago, little attention was paid to what we wore to be around the house. Moreover, we can say without fear of being wrong that most of us fashion lovers treated it disrespectfully: it was a large trunk in which everything that could have a previous life as a retreat in the shade could fit before being retired forever. It didn’t matter as long as they got home and were comfortable.

The fetish brand of the jet set launches pajamas: why luxury loves them.

Marita Alonso

And in the case of pajamas, precisely the same, but instead of reusing clothes, we looked for the combination that was most comfortable in summer and comfy in winter without paying the slightest attention to design (in general, because there are always exceptions). At most, one model or another was imposed depending on the phrase that was read on the shirt that we liked the most or the cartoon of the Mickey Mouse factory or similar ones such as Snoopy, Hello Kitty, Mafalda and company that was printed for some reason. Of the two pieces.

But the confinement came, and something changed in our mentality. Seeing us every day with house and bed linen had its effect, and the industry also changed its focus – it had no choice – towards home linen. This, together with the desire to look good, made knitted outfits designed to be worn inside and outside the home, for example, immediately become a trend throughout last year.

And the same thing, although to a lesser extent, happened with pajamas: we realized that there was a world of sophistication, elegance, and pleasure -when you put on quality pajamas, you don’t want anything else to sleep in and good taste that was much broader than what we had imagined behind Minnie Mouse and company.

Since then, firms specializing in the design of bed linen have gained importance. Now that autumn is here, the ideal time to renew the shelf of winter pajamas is because you want to feel that pleasant sensation of putting on a nice pajama made in Spain with high-quality materials. We want to claim some of our favorites in the best way we know how: sharing our ‘secret’ with you.

Marvin Kids

It was born with the idea of ​​comfortably dressing the little ones in the house at bedtime, but now this classic-style firm has a select variety of nightgowns, pajamas, and robes for adults. Even models can be worn by all the family members with whom you feel comfortable from the first minute you wear them.

Vicky Bargallo

Designed and manufactured in Barcelona for over 25 years, their pajamas have a loyal legion of followers for the care they are made from high-quality raw materials. It has models for women, men, and babies, all of them with the possibility of being personalized with initials.

Have a dream

In the spring of 2021, this firm began its journey with a clear philosophy that advocates local production, responsible consumption, and commitment to the environment. It stays true by creating unisex organic cotton garments that make the most of the fabric and whose attractive prints on the pajamas are unique because they are hand-painted by different artists and illustrators.

Iturri Enea

The creativity of this firm that emerged from a unique enclave in Galicia between the sea and the mountains is its leitmotif, that by which its robes, pajamas, and bathrobes give off that unique color and that cheerful mix of prints with eclectic patterns that do not leave anyone indifferent. Pure art.


The focus of this label may not be on its pajamas because it is the table linens and ceramics that are already known throughout the world. Still, its constant search for beautiful and imperfect fabrics is the key to why Lola Martínez Benjumea sold nightgowns and shirts, and pants for sleeping in this project forged between Spain and India. Her exotic prints are the key.

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