When Is The Right Time To Visit Reno

The glittering lights of flamboyant Las Vegas have done better than their northwestern neighbor – “The Biggest Little City” – for quite a few decades. However, Reno is resurging, offering its visitors a wide-ranging spectrum of entertainment – in addition to the options for luxury Reno NV motel – than it did in the past, particularly for non-gambling travelers. Now, there is an energetic arts scene lining the city center area’s Riverwalk that brags dozens of autonomously owned restaurants, boutiques, galleries, and a lot more.

The best times to visit this city are April to May and October to November. That is when you will stumble on enjoyable weather and hardly any crowds. However, there is a reason why a lot of travelers head to Reno during the summer and winter. The nearness of the city to the ski slopes of Lake Tahoe, beaches, and the lake makes it a perfect place to see the sights of the outdoors. Regardless of what season you make a decision to go, mull over visiting during the week.

Do not forget that the majority of hotels increase their charges and pack to the edge with weekend gamblers and tourists throughout the year.

Weather in Reno

  • April – May– Since the average high temperatures range from the mid-60s to the low 70s, there is a lack of visitors during the spring season in Reno. The weather is perfect for hiking in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in close proximity. However, take into account to do not miss to pack some warmer layers as it can get notably cooler at higher altitudes and at night.
  • June – September– During summer, the region is active with voyage junkies in search of maximizing the city’s proximity to the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Pyramid Lake, and Lake Tahoe. Culture chasers can even find their fix thanks to the warm weather festivals of the city. If you’re planning a summer visit, come with sunscreen since temperatures are known to reach the nineties. To keep away from the heat, mull over visiting at the starting or end of summer, when highs in the eighties are a little more tolerable.
  • October – November– Post the summer heat and prior to winter snow, Reno experiences its 2nd shoulder season. Once again, the travelers will experience a slight drop in rates of room for rent in Reno and an obvious dearth of fellow visitors. Temperatures during this time range from the thirties to the mid-sixties, so pack aptly.
  • December – March– As the weather grows colder, the city welcomes back the crowds of visitors headed to the western edge of Nevada for some snowy fun. Albeit the slopes close to Reno don’t judge against the ones in Lake Tahoe, the hotel charges in the city get higher to deal with the traffic of visitors in search of participating in winter sports.

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