Powerful eyes shamelessly made up in contrast to light skin are one of the trends imposed this fall. According to Baltasar, a senior artist at Mac Cosmetics, “black or gray shadows, large doses of eyeliner and a well-marked water line predominate. All textures are valid creamy, for a more natural effect or for those who want a more dramatic effect, powder. That yes, all with luminous finishes thanks to the particles capable of reflecting light and creating the three-dimensional effect in the eyes”.
Photo: Margot Robie was ahead of the trend with this yellow eyeshadow makeup in 2017.
Discover the keys to yellow eye shadows: they are the secret trend of the year.

Margaret Velasco

More than makeup designed for day or night, the expert discusses distinguishing between “a more intense or lighter look. In case we want a more discreet look, we will apply the shadows with a brush that is soft and flexible, capable of spreading them, leaving a transparent patina, a diffuse finish, out of focus. And we will accompany it with a large amount of mascara so that it is the protagonist of your look”.

If we want something more powerful, “I would apply a luminous shadow in a medium shade all over the eyelid, well blended, and a darker one with a more compact brush around the eyes, refining the shape in the area of ​​​​the eyelashes and adding a pencil of color, to give it a more fun touch. Let’s not forget that we are in a happy season, in which having fun is not at odds with the feminine effect”.

One of the changes we find in applying a matte finish but applying it only to the outer and inner corners of the eyes, with a gradient effect towards the center to leave that area clear and without makeup. Challenge yourself with three makeup styles:

Very natural

Smokey undertones are always a safe bet, especially when choosing nude combinations and semi-sheer textures, two or three shades more intense than the skin’s natural tone. An ideal option for those first days of vacation in which you haven’t sunbathed much yet.

Change every day: Or combine them at will and multiply the looks. And it is that the twelve shadows of The Blushed Nudes of Maybelline New York combine matte and bright tones that are very easy to wear.

Let the skin speak: The Stonewashed palette by Bobbi Brown is designed to highlight the natural tones of the eyelids so they always feel good. Ideal for wearing makeup, with a healthy appearance, but without complications.

Bobbi Brown.

Strong yellows, oranges, greens, or blues can be scary, but there’s no reason to be. And even less so when you are on vacation and can free yourself from the sobriety that is going to work implies. Another point in favor of experimenting with these colors: they flatter, and more so on slightly golden skin.

Aquatic: Indigo is the tone around which the 5 Couleurs de Dior eyeshadow proposal evolves. The refreshing effect is accentuated by the waves drawn on the techniques chosen to achieve a powerful contrast on the golden skin.

Urbana: She has been inspired by the materials that are usually found in a big city to create the chromatic harmony of her Yves Saint Laurent Couture Color Clutch-Eyeshadow Palette

Without fear

Glitter, glitter, and brilli-brilli are all the rage. A nod to the ’70s, perfect especially for party nights, going to a concert, or simply enjoying the city.

Evolving: Urban Decay’s Born to Run Palette also follows the trend of universal tones, which work on all skin types and adapt to the changes that occur depending on the time of year. It has 21 colors in different finishes.

To mix: The Sephora Collection Colorful mono shadows can be easily combined and added layer after layer to intensify the final effect.

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