What candles awaits you in each candle

The magic of candles begins with its name, original and beautiful. But do you know exactly what it means? In Spanish, serendipity is finding something unexpected, casual, but magical and valuable. It is the carambola of luck.

And it is that with Serendipity candles you will not only find an aroma that captivates you and that fills your entire home with notes of neroli and petit grain, mixed with orange blossom and finished off with a light touch of wood and musk. But inside you will discover an unexpected surprise that nobody knows until the wax melts: it is a semi-precious stone that the magic of serendipity will select among twelve possibilities.

Once the 90 hours of life of the candle have expired, you will be able to discover your stone, which is set in a pendant so that you can wear it as a striking and original necklace. In fact, the thread that wraps the candle can easily become the loop that shelters your semiprecious stone, for a bracelet on this occasion.

Onyx in black; green malachite; Agate in honey color, and also in gray; Quartz in pink, white and orange; Green and mottled jasper; brown aventurine; and also Tiger Eye. Each stone with a story, with a reason, with a message that serendipity will send you through this detail; a rooted meaning that has been transmitted over time.

Traditionally they have been used as amulets, good luck magnets that keep bad vibrations and energies at bay. It is, therefore, a gift full of symbolism and serendipity that awaits you in the Premium Serendipity candle. Take a look at their website and let yourself be intoxicated by the magic of chance, of the orange blossom.

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