Undercut and spiky cuts dominate the men’s summer

These two trends have taken center stage among men during the summer months.

The strong point of the undercut look is its wide versatility, since it offers many facilities to adapt to any type of hair (curly, straight, wavy…) and also does not distinguish between age ranges, so young and old can wear it without clashing. , and it goes well with any type of face.

It is necessary to keep the hair very short on the sides and leave it very long on top, generating an important contrast between both areas.

As a general rule, the hair is usually combed back in a uniform way but accepting a certain disorder or rebellion, for which gels or waxes can be used that allow it to be accommodated but without becoming corseted and taking away all its freedom.

look spiky

The spiky look (pointed in English) consists of leaving the hair on the top of the head a little longer than on the sides and sticking out the strands in different places, randomly and without a fixed direction, so as to convey a casual and elusive look. informal.

It favors men with round faces as it tends to lengthen and stylize the face. Gels, lacquers and waxes play a fundamental role, since they will make it easier to shape the hair and fix the locks.

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