Tips to take care of hair at home during quarantine

This quarantine has caught us all off guard, and we don’t know how long the situation can last, that’s why we have prepared these easy tips so you can take care of your hair if you can’t go to the hairdresser.

One of the most important aspects of caring for hair is washing. There is no set frequency, hair is washed when it is dirty, each type of hair has its own time.

Before washing your head, we recommend you brush your hair thoroughly to eliminate tangles as much as possible, this will later facilitate wet combing and untangling.
When you wash your head, use (as far as possible) a specific shampoo suitable for the type of scalp, dry, oily, etc.

Fully moistens hair.
Spread the shampoo in your hands and spread evenly over the scalp. Gently massage the skin without rubbing and repeat the operation as many times as necessary until you notice that the foam does not “cut”.
Spread the foam to the ends without rubbing the hair fiber, just pressing it and from the root to the tip to avoid tangling, taking into account that possible dirt is on the skin.
Be careful with the temperature when rinsing, add lukewarm water and rinse thoroughly.

Use a conditioner or mask and always apply from the middle to the ends and rinse very very well.
Untangled and brushed. Both on wet hair and on dry hair, it is convenient to follow some rules and use the right tools.

Wet hair. Extract excess water without rubbing, just pressing the hair fiber through the towel. Avoid using “rigid” combs as far as possible, it is advisable to use brushes with separate and “flexible” bristles (without balls on the bristles).
In dry hair you should also avoid using “rigid” combs, we recommend using brushes specially designed for dry hair (fine and close teeth).
For a correct untangling of the hair, you must section the entire hair into three or four parts, and begin the action from the ends towards the roots and from the lower part of the head towards the upper part.

Protection and care of the hair fiber. Depending on the state of the most sensitized parts of the hair fiber, Serum, essential oils or other similar cosmetics should be applied in order to provide these deteriorated areas with the necessary hydration and protection.

Another aspect to take into account is the hairstyle in these days of confinement. surely to be more comfortable at home you will tie your hair, no problem, as long as you take these tips into account.

If you collect your hair in pigtails or braids, you should avoid rubber bands or fine elastics to avoid trauma to the areas where these materials affect, the use of wide bands being recommended, with a spongy texture and little constriction.

If you are going to pick up your hair using clip-on or invisible hairpins, you should make sure that they do not have imperfections, such as little balls at the ends, otherwise they could damage the hair fiber.

If, on the contrary, you are going to collect your hair with “crab” or “duckbill” clips commonly used to collect long hair, you must observe that the teeth and tips of said elements do not present any imperfection or fracture at the tips, otherwise they could damage the hair fiber.

We hope you follow these tips to pamper your hair until we can open our salons and take care of it ourselves.

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