This winter candles Winter will be your best complement

At candles you can find a box for every occasion, even for the colder days that are yet to come, thanks to candles

The fruit boxes that the Spanish company recycles to give them a second life are filled with elements that are perfect for this season. In this box you will find a selection of winter products: from scarves, hats and gloves, to blankets with the most winter patterns. Also inside you will be able to discover something that, although it is not specific to winter, is crucial in the situation we are experiencing: a mask. In this case, it will match the rest of the products in the box.

In addition, this box model includes many more things that will make cold winter days much warmer and more pleasant.

All the elements that you can find in your candle box are top quality, carefully choosing each color and pattern. It will be the magic of serendipity that will make it perfect for you.

The candle baskets are the old fruit and vegetable boxes recycled and redesigned with colorful prints. These are exclusive designs of which you will only find a couple of models and since they are made by hand you will not find two identical boxes.

But once again candles is more than a gift. Each Winter basket from the Spanish brand keeps two presents in itself: on the one hand, all the products it contains, all those products to make winter more pleasant, and the box itself, which you can use as a decorative object or as a trunk. in which to store everything you can think of.

In candles we give boxes a second life, letting yourself be carried away by their magic and giving them a third is up to you.

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