This Valentine’s Day, give the magic of candles

Valentine’s Day is coming, the day par excellence of love. Although it is something that must always be taken care of, that day is special. We seek to have a small detail with that person with whom we have decided to embark on a common path.

A bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates, we always resort to the same thing, that’s why at candles we want to offer you an original gift that will stay with you much longer.

The new collection of candles “Caminantes” not only reflects the path you undertake together, but is the perfect complement for each day. Its design includes a watercolor by the photographer Cuco Cuervo, who has come together to create this capsule collection, giving the candle an elegant touch.

In addition, its aroma that mixes bergamot, orange, lime and eucalyptus is perfect for setting the night after the stress of the whole day.

But once again the magic of Candles candles is inside. To the gift that the candle represents, we must add the gift that it keeps inside and that you can enjoy once the wax is consumed.

You will have to wait to find out the content of the gift, but we assure you that serendipity will make the small gift you find inside the candle perfect for you.
How to take care of your candle
As with love, candles must also be taken care of if we want them to stay with us for a long time. So that your Serendipity candle is perfect for much longer, you just have to follow these simple steps:

The first time you use the candle, leave it burning for several hours. It is best to wait until the top layer of the wax is completely liquid. This prevents holes from forming around the wick.
Light the candle for long periods. If you cannot light it for a minimum of 30 minutes, it is better not to light the fuse, doing it in periods of 10 minutes causes grooves to be created and it burns irregularly.
Cut the wick regularly. It is not necessary that you do it with each use, but frequently to prevent the glass of the candle from smoking or overheating. The ideal length of the wick is between 3 and 5 mm.
Use a candle snuffer or a lid to remove the oxygen when turning it off. If you do it by blowing, an unpleasant black smoke will be produced and if the wick is made of cotton, it is likely that a “dove” will be created at the tip.
Once extinguished make sure to leave the wick straight and centered. If you do this process hot, you will prevent it from splitting. Thus the candle will burn regularly without creating strange shapes.

The candles of candles are made with vegetable wax, cotton wick and are 100% made in Spain, the “Caminantes” model has a design of 79 mm in diameter and 92 mm in height and lasts for 45 hours.

Don’t hesitate any longer and this Valentine’s Day show your love with the magic of candles.

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