One of the significant trends of the season stands out: pinks, yellows, greens, oranges… the fashion accessory is dyed in very bright tones to brighten up your looks.

Indeed, we have already started autumn. The daylight hours are less, the temperatures drop, and the days are shorter. But the truth is that this year fashion and its trends will help us a lot to overcome the slight depression that always comes to us when this time of year arrives. As you do? With color, a lot of colors. Many autumns ago, we filled our wardrobe with colors as striking as pink, green, purple, orange… but not in its most pastel version, that’s a thing of last summer, but in its most garish form.

If you are not much of attracting attention and you do not dare to dress all in orange, try that the accessories are the cheerful touches of your look. In the bags this season, you will find some tremendous allies. With a wide variety of shapes and models, they are dyed in super colorful colors so that they are the point on which all eyes are focused.

In bubblegum pink by Love Moschino

Pink will give your ‘looks’ a childish touch that’s perfect if you want to stand out, for example, on a day at the office. In addition, it is a 24/7 bag, as it is also perfect as an accessory for any party. Its price is 68.17 euros.

The coral seemed to have disappeared from our wardrobes for several seasons, but nothing could be further from the truth. This fall returns with force as one of the shades within the oranges you will see the most. This Gloria Ortiz bag is perfect for your most ‘sporty’ looks. Its price is 69 euros.

A purple shopping bag from Bree Barcelona

Mini and ruched, by Sfera

On the contrary, this mini model from Sfera is for practical women who only carry what is just and necessary in their bags. We love its gathered style even in the handle area and the color, an ideal lilac. Its price is 7 euros.

Quilted, by Bershka

Quilted bags are a classic in any woman’s wardrobe. This season they are dyed in colors without losing elegance, like this model from the Inditex firm. Its price is 12.99 euros.

Super original, by Desigual

This bag from the Catalan brand will be the absolute star of any fall look. We love its bright pink color and crinkled type of fabric. Its price is 48.97 euros.

The Luck of Yellow by Love Moschino

Who said yellow is the color of bad luck? Well, this fall tells you the opposite, and accessories become your talisman when dyed in this tone, like this mini Moschino bag, whose price is 142.95 euros.

This aqua green design is one of the most elegant bags of the season. This ‘tote’ from the firm Ted Baker will be your best autumn ally. Its price is 52.99 euros.

Always read from Armani Exchange.

Red is always a success in autumn when the ‘looks’ lose life and color. This model of the Italian firm will be the protagonist of your best outfits of the season. Its price is 107.63 euros.

With chains from Springfield

Because not only is color essential, but in terms of bag trends, chains are a must this fall. So this model from Springfield has it all. Its price is 15.99 euros.

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