Jill Biden has us clueless… What are the keys to her closet? We talked about it by analyzing her last appearances of her.

Jill Biden’s relationship with fashion is curious, she does not respond to a wholly defined style, but the appearances in recent weeks only validate this theory.

Even though she does not usually screw up and even with the most sporty looks, she is always combined; even with jeans and a cashmere sweater, she cannot be faulted, it is clear that she does not wear fashion themes naturally and that is shown in that he does not show off an armed and continuous style (perhaps because of that attempt to always be in second place). Occasionally we see Dr. Biden, a sober seventy-year-old professor clad in hyper-correct gowns that fit her role perfectly. And in others, like a kind of Mr. Hyde, she shows signs of wanting to break with the years and bets on more groundbreaking garments and rejuvenating outfits in which she dares even with perfect leather. But is there anyone who likes to look older? She fights against the decades with this form of rebellion that she shows in her descent from the helicopter as if to say: “In my house, I go as I want.”

In numerous interviews conducted in recent months, including with prestigious media specialized in fashion, the journalists comment on curiosity, and that is that when Jill Biden is asked a fashion question, she does not usually answer or with a smile in between. answer something along the lines of “let’s pass this question, let’s move on.” Even Elizabeth Alexander, her communication director, seems uncomfortable in conversations when she is told about it, journalists reveal.

Biden does not work with a stylist. Everything is decided by her, as Alexander recently confessed. And in that, her wardrobe speaks of her. It is eclectic. She likes the North American designer Brandon Maxwell, but she also wears clothes from young, emerging, and diverse designers. She does not have favoritism. On the contrary, she tries to support the entire sector, and hence we see that there is no common thread as she did with Melania.

In recent weeks, that divergence has been seen in her appearances. Here are some samples.

On October 4, for example, President Joe Biden and Jill Biden returned to the White House after a weekend in Delaware. For this, he chose a perfect jacket over a printed dress, with espadrilles with esparto soles. Keep in mind that now in Washington, it is around 25 degrees, and the minimum is 18, a very spring atmosphere. The jacket is one of those pieces of clothing that Jill wears when she doesn’t have formal acts, and it helps take years off of her.

This Columbus Day, October 12, in Chicago (Linois), Jill visited the National Museum of Art. In real red with a yellow gold Cartier and gold bracelets on her wrists, she showed a much more formal image than in the previous embodiment, or at least more serious.

In this image, the Biden couple landed from Marine One (the presidential helicopter) after spending a weekend at Camp David in Washington, DC. In total black with a blazer and jeans, she donned white sneakers to navigate the presidential garden in another display of the variability of her wardrobe.

On this occasion, Naomi Biden, the president’s granddaughter, and her husband Jill showed that on weekends she is also sophisticated, as was the case with this Oscar de la Renta dress that she wore with yellow stilettos.

Even though attracting attention is not part of her stylistic map, what we do know is that Jill would not go wrong in making a change of direction to Queen Letizia and have the hand of an expert who would professionalize her looks, maybe that way, they wouldn’t give him so many headaches in interviews.

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