The North American manicure is the most chic natural trend of autumn

The American twist to the French manicure is more subtle but more colorful. Learn the expert tricks to be able to imitate it

Who does not know the mythical French manicure? Who has not fallen or has seen a friend fall into that aesthetic with pale pink nails topped with pure white bows? What is a fact is that it had better times. We could even say that it even became fashionable, but it has been in low hours for a while, and it seems that there is some manicurist who wants to revive it.

We are not talking about RosalĂ­a-style nails, but about that classic shape that singers have revived to open up their possibilities completely, and nail artists have begun integrating thousands of variants with patterns, glitter, and color schemes never seen before. Among these fun twists, the American manicure has come into our lives.

The name is not new; what is new are the nuances that professionals have given it and that Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez, and Olivia Rodrigo already wear. These days, American manicures are done in subtle tones, painting a natural-colored clear base or just a clear coat to make it look more like the rnaturalnail. This change also flatters the wearer’s skin in a more natural way than the striking pink of traditional French manicures.

Years ago, the American manicure was a French manicure with tips painted a less intense white with a more natural and flattering skin tone. These nuances have been refined over the decades.

The French of the 90s is the French without possible confusion, and any derivative or transformation of this has been called North American. SIndeedyou have seen pink nails with a red border or another light blue version with navy blue tips. The manicure trends we do not stop seeing on social networks have spoken.

Recently, we have seen two bets in this line, that of Lily Aldridge with the look for the Met Gala 2021 and JLo for a fashion event in Venice (Italy). Why is it so successful among celebrities? Because you can customize this style with your favorite colors, whether it’s all the tips in one color or each edge of the fingers is a different color. This season we will see these Pantone games with warm colors, the ones in fashion, ideal for those who like to keep their nails in their natural state. The great thing about this trend is that it works at any length.

How to do it?

If you are handy and want to do it at home, you should first visualize an imaginary line in the middle of the nail. Then, with a brush or specific stickers for this type of manicure – depending on your expertise, one tool or another will work well for you – create arches on each side with the color of your choice. Once all the edges are finished, refine them by shaping and cleaning them up with a fine eyeliner brush soaked in nail polish remover. Rotate your hand with your nails pointing up and toward you as you clean the line to get as trace as possible.

Next, layer your desired color over a clear base all over the nail to soften the edges of the North American tips. Finish with a clear top coat over the entire nail, and apply a top coat.

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