Aho: It means jerk. It is more offensive than Baka depending on the region of Japan where it is used.
Aite: Partner or rival in an anime.
Ai: It means love and is more intimate than Suki.
Akuma: Devil or demon.
Baka: Idiot, imbecile or fool.
Bakemono: This Japanese anime term refers to monsters, goblins, or ghosts.
Bijin: A beauty of a woman.
Bishounen: Japanese term meaning “handsome boy.”
Dekkai: Something huge, very big or gigantic.
Doki Doki: In anime it is used a lot to describe when your heart races to see someone you like.
Damasu: Japanese anime term that translates to cheat.
Hentai: As well as a sexual manga and anime genre. In Japan it is also used to describe someone as a pervert.
Hidoi: Cruel.
Ikemen: Japanese anime term describing a handsome and elegant mature man.
Jigoku: Hell.
Kachi: Victory.
Kami: Of the most used Japanese anime terms, it means God.
Kareshi: Boyfriend.
Kanojo: Girlfriend.
Kawaii: Something cute, beautiful or sweet.
Kimoi: Japanese slang or slang to describe something disgusting or disgusting.
Kokoro: A Japanese word that we already use in our colloquial language, it means Heart.
Kowai: Hell.
Mahou: Magic.
Oni: Demon.
Senpai: Another of the most used Japanese anime terms. Someone who is older than you or has more experience than you.
Suki: I like it.
Shinu: Japanese word meaning to die.
Use: Lying.
Yanki: Japanese youth who refuse to comply with what is established. Something similar to anarchy or punk.
Yare yare: Iconic Japanese phrase from the anime Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. It means “My God” or also “Give me a break.”
Yowai: Weak.
Zannen: Pitiful or lousy.


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