The magic of words

Words and communication are an essential part of our society. The main form of communication with the rest of the world and above all the way we have to express our feelings and emotions. The magic of words allows us to name our thoughts and thus be able to express them. It is the magic of words.

And it is that in addition to the functional part that words have, there is the most aesthetic part of words and that is their beauty. Words that, in addition to their originality, name sensations, allowing us to refer to magical situations with great ease. That’s why we leave you with some of our favorite inspirational words below.


Of Greek origin, this word was related to the tasks of art and creativity. To define this word we could describe it as putting your soul, heart, creativity and love into everything you are passionate about. A way to leave a mark on everything that passes through your hands


If there is something that is inspiring, it is the rainbow, which is why the word that gives its name to this phenomenon could not be less. Iridescence is the optical phenomenon that allows us to see the colors of the iris reflected. We can see it on countless surfaces in addition to the rainbow. That’s definitely one of our favorites though.


Although so far we have found words to describe all situations, there are times when it is impossible. But when the case comes that something cannot be described in words, because it may have excellent qualities or be subtle or diffuse, in that case we speak of something ineffable.

Communication and words are a phenomenon that by itself already has a magical point. But some of these words manage to take him to another dimension, thus allowing him to express certain specific situations with great accuracy.

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