The magic now in your home

candles presents the Home collection, in which the recycled boxes, hallmark of the brand, are loaded with magic for the home.

In this new collection, the Spanish brand continues to give fruit and vegetable boxes a second life, but this time by filling them with household items. Plates, bowls, cups, spice racks, wooden cutlery, everything you can imagine for the home, of high quality and taking care of even the smallest detail.

Boxes in shades of blue with patterns that seek to pay homage to the tiles of Castellón de la Plana, or in shades of green to recover the essence of nature. A selection of products that will fill your home with elegance and sophistication, without forgetting the magic that surrounds the brand.

In each box a color predominates and has a different content allowing the candles to act and get what is right for you.

For this new collection, fruit and vegetable boxes continue to be recycled, giving them a new look, a much more sophisticated air. These are lined with colorful prints creating unique and exclusive designs, since being handmade there will be no two alike.

But as always happens with candles box it is more than a gift. Each Home basket from the Spanish brand holds two presents in itself: on the one hand, all the products that it contains, all those household items that will dress your table with an air of elegance and sophistication, and the box itself that you can use as a decorative object or as a box to store everything you can think of.

From candles box we give a second life to the boxes, letting yourself be carried away by their magic and giving them a third is up to you.

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