Different pathologies can be treated by massaging feet, hands, face. According to Eastern theories, these parts contain the body structures. These therapies are called reflex, since they communicate through reflex points with the stomach, throat, head, it is still a massage that transmits tranquility, balance and well-being, but also treats severe ailments such as gastritis.

In particular, foot reflexology has many points of communication with the organs and parts of the body, and consequently provides great benefits: it boosts the immune system, stimulates blood circulation, helps to eliminate toxins, acts as a preventive therapy, and is ideal for all types of of ages, redistributes energy levels, is capable of stimulating creativity and improving the mood in patients who perform it.

There are many different relaxation methods that come from different cultures, with a scientific or spiritual basis that are just as valid and functional. Today we want to show you a method that does not need external elements, only you and your body.

A relaxation exercise for which it is not necessary to go to any specialist and is based on this reflexology technique is called Jin Shin Jitsu, it is Japanese and it only uses the hand. It gives each finger qualities to conserve energy and manage it.

First you have to understand that each finger of our hand has a different meaning and communicates with different feelings and attitudes: the thumb represents emotions such as anxiety, worries and the famous stress, the index is fear, the middle or heart finger is anger, override sadness and decision making, the little finger has control of anxiety, self-confidence and optimism, self-esteem in general.

Depending on whether you are left-handed or right-handed, use your useful hand to squeeze each finger of the opposite hand. Each finger is touched for approximately two minutes, when you notice a slight tingling, this method will begin to act.

To calm the mind you can press the inside of your palm, again with your useful hand, for a minute or so. Help in the most complicated moments, situations that you think you cannot control. These pressures improve blood circulation, so stress disappears quickly.

You will establish an important balance within the body. As we have said, this technique is useful in complicated situations, but you can practice it every day to maintain constant regulation.

There are problems that resorting only to Western medicine as such are not solved, you can help yourself with techniques of this level whose results tend to favor the state of mind and body.

It is clear that stress levels are necessary to lead an active life, but you have to know how to keep them under control.

This technique with the hand can be done at any time and place, at any age, if you prefer to practice every day, it will take less than ten minutes. Relaxations will always be more effective if you light your premium candle, its aroma is totally relaxing and the light from the two natural cotton wicks will leave the perfect light you need, in addition to favoring the regular burning of the candle.

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