The haircut that will be a trend this fall 2021

August is over and so are the holidays. Going back to work is now a reality, so it’s time to clean up your hair, after the days of sun, beach and pools in the summer. And how could it be otherwise, the race begins to find the haircut that will be a trend this fall 2021.

Don’t worry, this time you won’t go crazy scouring all the fashion and beauty magazines looking for and capturing the perfect fall look.

At Koupas Peluqueros we already know what the haircut will be trending this fall 2021!

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The first thing you need to know…

You have to keep one thing in mind, and that is that the haircut that will be a trend this fall 2021 does not exist. And there is a good reason.

There will not be just one star look that sets Koupas Peluqueros hairdressers apart from the rest, but many! Actually, it is not that they are all different cuts, but different versions of the same: the cut below the chin, but not reaching the shoulders. Come on, the long bob.
Layered, with bangs, parted in the middle…

The long bob is a timeless haircut and looks good on all ages. This look is also indisputably versatile, as it accepts an infinite number of small changes that make it a totally different cut. For example, we can add bangs, layer it, opt for the parting in the middle or take it to the side.

We can also play with the length of this bob, because although in theory, the long bob is a haircut that is worn between the chin and the clavicle, we can lengthen it a little more. This is another reason why you should consider switching to the long bob. Since the hair is not too short, you can wear a ponytail and casual bows when you feel like picking it up. And if you like hair accessories, this is your cut. Well, the long bob is ideal with headbands, clips and hairpins. The Parfois hair accessories collection couldn’t be prettier.

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