In the world of fashion, the first ones are always the ones who feel the trends and you could be the trendsetter in your group of friends. Because some of the garments and styles that plan to succeed in 2022 are already available in stores and we can sign them before anyone else to show that we are fashion experts.

Neither midi nor ankle. The most glamorous and majestic lengths are back, with dresses and skirts that cover even the feet and lengthen our figure to the maximum. A trend that we can join with this great dress from Zara, ideal for special occasions and to combine with an oversize sweater on any given day.

Zara long draped dress, 29.95 euros.
The fringes return through the front door

This boomerang trend is always coming and going. But in 2022 it will be one of the strongest, adding a retro touch and full of movement to all the garments in our wardrobe. Why wait for everyone to wear them? We can do it now with this Mango sweater.Mango fringed knit sweater, 39.99 euros.
Sequins sneak into our most casual looks

All those sequined dresses, skirts, tops and pants that we have bought for celebrations and then left in the back of the closet are finally going to have their moment of prominence. Because next year glitters are even taken to the office, combining them with more off-road basic garments.

Bershka sequin bell bottoms, 39.99 euros.

Sequin bell bottoms
RRP at Bershka €39.99
The saffron color dyes everything

The fashion world was late receiving the notice that Very Peri would be the color of 2022. They had already elevated this orange saffron that promises to brighten outfits, make them more vibrant and striking to escape, at least in 2022, from the sobriety of the neutral tones.

H&M fitted ribbed dress, 24.99 euros.

Ribbed fitted dress
RRP at H&M €24.99

The cut-outs that leave nothing to the imagination

The Dua Lipa phenomenon is unstoppable and she has managed to position the most extreme cut-outs as one of the favorite trends of 2022. The singer does not stop wearing them in tops and dresses and has convinced the youngest and most launched to join to the movement. You can do it too thanks to Pull&Bear and this asymmetrical top.

T-shirt with gathers and cut-outs from Pull&Bear, 17.99 euros.
The second skin jumpsuit a la Catwoman

Full-body bodysuits that act like a second skin are finding a way to win us over. From Hailey Bieber’s birthday look to Beyoncé and her houndstooth print. We have even seen it under outfits creating futuristic contrasts and now it is unstoppable fashion.

Tight catsuit with H&M logomania print, 12.99 euros.

Logomania Print Tight Catsuit
RRP at H&M €12.99
Draped and gathered that define the silhouette

Draping is already a trend in 2021 and has been the star of many of the best red carpet looks of the year. But they will also make their transition to 2022, continuing this trail of gathers that create very sensual, suggestive and original visual asymmetries.

Satin blouse with gathers on the sleeves from Cortefiel, 79 euros.

Satin blouse with gathered sleeves
RRP in Cortefiel €79.00
Y2K aesthetics and skimpy clothes

The oversize seemed to have conquered everything. But where there is an action, there is always a reaction, and 2022 will bring its own in the form of two-mile microgarments. Clothes go tiny with a clear Y2K aesthetic, leaving little to the imagination with microscopic tops, jumpers and sweatshirts.

Bershka cropped top with laces, 15.99 euros.

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Pedro del Hierro in Cortefiel

The English Court Shoes
Lace-up cropped top

Lace-up cropped top
RRP in Bershka €15.99

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