The candles, a surprise gift for Father’s Day

This March 19 we celebrate Father’s Day with sweet aromas and a very special gift. The history of Father’s Day in Spain was born by a woman, Manuela Vicente Ferrero. By the year 1948 she was a teacher at the school in the Belmonte neighborhood, located in Dehesa de la Villa.

She, also known as “Nely”, was the one who had to listen to the complaint of her parents. These men, offended by not seeing themselves considered, expressed to him: “You only prepare gifts for our wives, but you don’t understand that parents love our children and we also deserve some detail.”

And so it was, without expecting it, the candles appeared. Without delay, Nely replied: “I did not invent Mother’s Day, but I will invent Father’s Day.”

On the afternoon of March 19, 1948, Manuela organized a mass, a children’s festival, and helped her students prepare some crafts to give to her parents.

At candles we also do not let this celebration go unnoticed. We honor her work, great responsibility and the unconditional love that millions of parents offer their children.

candles, a very special gift

Candles are our passion. With them we transmit sensations, feelings and emotions. They are beautiful, with a great aroma, long-lasting and with a gift inside that makes them very special.

After a rigorous odor test, the aroma of Orange Blossom was chosen for our most representative candle: Serendipity premium. Medicinal due to its properties, it will make every parent feel in a maximum state of fullness. During its consumption you will be able to perceive moderate notes of wood and musk.

“Finding something good without looking for it” is one of the phrases that best defines us. For this reason, we have decided that our parents are participants in chance. Inside our candle you will find your next amulet: a very special semi-precious stone.

You can use it on your home key ring, inside your wallet or as a bracelet. As long as you carry it with you, you will be under the cloak of positive energy.

For some reason, one of our 15 stones will be chosen to accompany them on their way. At Serendipity we firmly believe that everything happens for a reason. Thus, you should know the message that this powerful mineral brings to your life.

A sacrificed, humble and hard-working father; This is how Nely defined it in commemoration of Saint Joseph, father model for Jesus of Nazareth. And we see it in the same way. Thanks to so many men for being a role model!

candles premium is accompanied by 5 unique natural wax candles. Its very diverse aromas manage to transport us to gardens with orange trees, and even to the sea of our extensive coasts. Whatever your lifestyle, with Serendipity you will be able to travel from the comfort of your home.

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