The Caminantes candles, the most original gift for this Father’s Day

With March 19 just around the corner, it’s time to surprise our parents with a unique gift. On many occasions, looking for an original idea can be quite a challenge, but at candles we have the solution so that you can succeed with dad this year

As a general rule, we tend to look for the sure hit, perhaps seasonal clothing taking advantage of the arrival of spring, or even in some cases, some basics such as ties or socks, which are always necessary. However, there are plenty of ideas to surprise with your gift and make it more personal.

This year the candles become your great ally for Father’s Day. Its aromas provide countless benefits for those who have them around them. And it is that if we have learned anything in this time it is the importance of our well-being and that of those we love the most.

Candles, thanks to their scents, can bring us calm and serenity when lit in the room in which we find ourselves. In addition, aromas have the peculiarity of activating positive emotions in our brain, which is why they become a great ally to improve our mood at home.

In addition to the more abstract aspect of scents, the candle holders are real decorative objects and can add an elegant touch to any room. Their personality and simplicity make them fit in with any decor. Perhaps on the work desk, a shelf in the living room, or better on the nightstand? Our parents will always have it within their sight and will remember us in their day to day. In addition, once the candle is consumed, the glasses can be reused and used as candle holders, varying the scents inside.

In candles we have several models with different scents that adjust to the tastes and situations of each consumer. One of the most special is the Caminantes collection, whose glass is decorated with the watercolors of the artist Cuco Cuervo. Its aroma is a mixture of bergamot with orange, lime and eucalyptus and is made with vegetable wax.

In addition, as in all our candles, the magic of serendipity floods this product, hiding a small gift inside that can only be discovered by completely consuming the candle.

Undoubtedly, an ideal complement for a little moment of relaxation after work and a gift with which you will surprise dad.

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