This is the fashion makeup of the season, and this is the most desired eye pencil by ‘beauty lovers.’ We know the reasons

Do you wear the same eye line every season? Always black and the same thickness? The time has come for you to step out of your makeup comfort zone and try new things. Nor do we want you to make a radical change; sometimes, a small gesture supposes a new vision of things. And that’s just what we suggest, change the color of your ‘eyeliner.’

A detail that will make your look the most ‘trendy’ of the entire fall thanks to leaving the black and starting to use the tone of the season, brown. A little risky ‘beauty look,’ but it is sweeping social networks. With this shade in the line of the eyes, natural and super flattering makeup is achieved.

The trick to a perfect brown eyeliner this season is to blend the product to create the corner of the eye with the help of a cotton swab. The line at the level of the lashes and, to make the tail, start from the watery line of the lower eyelid towards either the temple or the eyebrow, depending on the shape of your eye. This way, you will wear the most ‘trendy’ autumn stripe.

That’s why at Sephora, for a couple of weeks, the eye pencils in this tone have not stopped running out, but there is one that does it above the rest, the ‘Roller liner’ from Benefit Cosmetic. The reasons it is number one in sales in the big beauty store are two and very simple: it is easy to apply and long-lasting.
This is why this brown ‘eyeliner‘ is the best seller at Sephora

It is an easy-to-apply eyeliner with a natural matte finish, which makes it perfect to combine with your favorite eyeshadow palettes or on its own, whatever you decide. It is a liquid pencil, so it glides over the eyelid simply to draw a stroke of the thickness you want and with an incredibly natural effect.

Although you don’t think about getting into the pool, if you get an autumn downpour, you can rest easy because its ‘waterproof’ formula makes it last 24 hours without touching it up.

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