The best plans from Jerez to Rome, passing through Madrid, by the hand of Lulu Figueroa

Lulu (no accent) is an artist, aristocrat, mother of two children, and a prevalent face in fashion and beauty.

Happy among her watercolours, she prepares for her next painting exhibition and imminent participation in a decoration space in Madrid. His free schedule cannot miss his steps through the streets of Jerez, where he loves to go on vacation every summer, a visit to the Thyssen Museum -the last one to admire the colourful paintings of Georgia O’Keeffe- or lunch with his lifelong friends – tiramisu included – on a bright terrace in Madrid.


Breakfast 10: “At Federal Café Madrid (Plaza de las Comendadoras, 9). I usually order pancakes with banana, cream, syrup and hazelnut praline, but I have a pastrami sandwich when I feel salty. It’s my weekend plan with my husband Adrián and the children”.

Tapas route: “In Jerez, which is unique for that, go through the Tabanco El Pasaje tavern (Santa María, 8), with a traditional wooden counter that is quite a jewel, where I always order shredded meat accompanied by an amontillado ( if you’re lucky, there’s live flamenco), and La Cruz Blanca (Consistorio, 16), because their salad is second to none”.

Lunch with friends: “In Madrid, I like to book at Maccheroni (Plaza San Anacleto, 4), with a tranquil terrace where we can all get together and extend our after-meal conversation. Any recommendation? Pinsa de guanciale, tonnarelli alla carbonara and tiramisu”.

A delicious hamburger: “I like the ones from Freaks Burguer (Gabriel Lobo, 20) and my favorite is the bacon and cheese one with coleslaw. You can choose sweet potato instead of fries to accompany it.”

On the terrace: “I love the Botánico because, in addition to being one of my favorite places in Madrid, it’s quiet, full of flowers and they have a great menu with delicious homemade desserts.”

Sweet: “I have a weakness for Balbisiana ( cakes, I always look for an excuse to order them, and my favorites are lime and cheese. I’m also crazy about La Duquesita’s croissants (Fernando VI, 2 ) and the ice creams of La Romana (Paseo de la Habana, 27), especially the ricotta with figs”.


Fashion basics: “I usually buy them at Uniqlo (Goya, 6): for more special occasions I go to Moisés Nieto (Blasco de Garay, 51). My last purchase? The Andrómeda pendant by Suma Cruz, I am a great admirer of your work”.

Flowers and more flowers: “I am passionate about the great variety of tulips from Carlos de Troya (Diego de León, 61), especially to paint them. He always has very special flowers with intense colors that I just want to paint.”

Deco details: “I find them at Westwing (; the last thing I bought was some pink cushions for my new sofa and an outdoor rug. To get very special pieces right, I like Galería A Madrid (Santo Tomé, 4) “.

My bookstore: “Pasajes (Génova, 3), because I’ve been going there since I was little and it brings back very good memories. Now I’m looking forward to having in my hands the new book by Alejandra G. Remón, ‘Anatomy of emotions’. Although I haven’t yet read, I dare to recommend it one hundred percent”.

Pampering hair: “My hairdresser is the Rafael Dueñas Salon (General Díaz Porlier, 88) because they do the color wonderfully and they know how to take care of my fine and brittle hair.”

In shape: “I make a small table of exercises at home and, when I have time, I like to follow the guidelines of Bea Espínola (@entrenamientomujer)”.

Centro beauty: “I go to Centro Mem (Nicasio Gallego, 9) in Madrid, where I usually do cleansing and hydration treatments with Esse products, which I love because they are organic and vegan.”

Fetish products: “Biologique Research creams, Guerlain’s new matte lipsticks, Hermès nail polishes, and Blanche Byredo perfume (now my favourite). I also like Portrait of a Lady by Frederic Malle and Rose Chèrie by Guerlain, my latest discovery.

Dream hotel: “The Park Hyatt Tokyo. Ever since I saw the movie ‘Lost in Translation,’ I’ve been obsessed with that hotel and would love to spend even just one night there.”

The museums I visit the most: “The Sorolla and the Thyssen in Madrid, where I saw the latest exhibition of Georgia O’Keeffe, one of my favorite artists; her huge flowers with such strong colors hypnotize me. Now I want to visit, also in the Thyssen, the work of Magritte”.

Pending concert: “The one with C. Tangana, I’m a total fan. I can’t stop listening to his songs on a loop.”

A destination in the world: “Rome, to delight myself again and again visiting the Pantheon and the Trevi Fountain.”

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