The benefits of vegetable wax

When from candles we began to define the ideas for our candles we had one thing clear: they would be made of vegetable wax. Over time, the feedback from all those who have enjoyed a Serendipity candle reaffirms our decision: vegetable wax has great benefits.

If you have not yet been lucky enough to light one of our candles, today we will tell you the best reasons to bet on vegetable wax.


Vegetable wax is obtained from soybeans, a plant that is increasingly used in the culinary world. Unlike traditional wax, this avoids the participation of any animal in the production. What makes it a cruelty free product.

Free of toxic products

A candle is not only a decoration product but also a fundamental piece of relaxation. Many times we use these candles while we dedicate a moment to ourselves or apply a cream ritual. Well, just like we look for creams that are as natural as possible and that do not contain any type of toxic substances, the same thing happens with candles. Vegetable wax is 100% natural, so it is free of any type of toxic product.

This also ensures that the candle flame does not stain the wall or any other surface near the candle. What makes this type of candles the perfect decoration for our home

Less pollution

The wax obtained from vegetable origin, unlike the artificial ones, belongs to a source of renewable resources and therefore avoids all the contamination that the petrochemical industry implies

easy cleaning

The simplicity of its composition is reflected when it comes to having to remove any remains of this wax. Regardless of the type of surface. In the event that, for example, you need to remove them from a fabric or textile product, all you need is a little soap and warm water to do so.

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