With an exotic name and highly striking color, we present the fashionable melon for this summer: The Waikiki. With a pearly white skin and salmon-colored flesh, this variety of melon is characterized by a very crunchy and sweet bite (between 13 and 14 degrees Brix). They also have another peculiarity: they are usually of a small caliber, about 2 kg.

And how could it be otherwise, it has a Spanish stamp. Murcia once again positions itself as the orchard of Europe, with a wide diversity of crops, optimal for any palate. Although the Waikiki are also produced in the greenhouses of Almería.

Its particularities of color, flavor, texture and quality make it position it as a premium fruit. Because, have you ever imagined eating a vanilla-flavored orange melon? Now you have the chance!

Trying a product with these characteristics becomes quite an experience, which also satisfies the basic needs that consumers are looking for today: healthy food, whose production is respectful of the environment, and which is also attractive to dress up and decorate any meal. this summer. And also any profile of our social networks!

Because yes, everything in this product is designed from a commercial point of view. In addition to being a fruit that looks great in photography, we are playing with a name, Waikiki, a neighborhood in Honolulu (Hawaii) that evokes a paradisiacal beach, where the protagonists are the sea, the waves and the sand, precisely the colors whites that stand out in the product itself. Do not let them to tell you!

At Serendipity box we have decided to include it in our boxes. Cross your fingers that the magic of serendipity manages to find it among the products in your order. Remember that our boxes are unique and made entirely by hand and that chance is in charge of deciding the fruits and vegetables that you will find inside each one of them.

Alone or accompanied

Since we are talking about a melon with unique nuances, it would be normal to take it just to be able to enjoy each bite. But, like any piece of fruit, it can be combined in a thousand ways: as a dessert after the main meal, with yogurt and in salads. Likewise, if you want to enhance its most refreshing side, you can also make a juice or ice cream.

In this case we are going to propose a salad: a dish with the sweet touch of waikiki and its crunchy touch will shine. Combining it with salty products, such as cheeses and nuts, you will obtain a light and refreshing dish, ideal for hot summer nights. Do you dare to try it?

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