Spanish ceramics, a treasured tradition

Many are the professions that have been lost over the years with new technologies. On many occasions, barely a dozen artisans keep the tradition alive throughout the country. One of these trades is that of a potter.

Clay crafts are a tradition that dates back to the Paleolithic when the first food containers began to be created with fire. Within the world of ceramics, the art of making these mud and clay objects, pottery, is one of the most recognized in the artisan world for its refined technique and for having given rise to innumerable works of high cultural value. In addition, this work is closely linked to superstition and to the amulets that different cultures created over the years with this material.

At present we can observe how many times the work of clay has evolved towards more modern and contemporary concepts without losing the essence of the artisan tradition. And so few are the workshops that we can find throughout the national panorama to carry out works with clay and mud that the value of their pieces is much higher,

Such is the importance of the legacy of this tradition that it is considered an asset of intangible cultural interest in Spain. In many areas, especially in the south, this work was of great importance and influence during the peninsular Arab era and the result of its roots is that a large part of the remaining workshops are located on the Mediterranean coast. A large part of these workshops are in Andalusia.

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