Season of fruits, vegetables and surprises

In the neighborhood store, in the supermarket, in the markets… We have a wide variety of fruits and vegetables within our reach throughout the year. This often makes us forget about the ideal season for each food. Eating fruits and vegetables out of their natural season is not bad, but how good is eating food grown in a suitable climate? It has many advantages, and that is why we dedicate these lines to give it the importance it deserves.

Advantages of eating seasonal fruits and vegetables

They are fresh foods. Its flavor, aroma and texture is different from the rest of the year. They have been cultivated when the climate is more propitious for them, and that is reflected, and we are going to notice it. Your meals will be tastier and more appetizing, this is so since they have completed their natural cycle, so they better preserve their properties. Directly to your plate, without going through numerous processes, such as being in cold rooms waiting to be sold.

They do our pocket a favor. When the food is in season, it has been pampered by the farmer in the area, so the price is much more affordable than if it has to be imported from other countries, where transportation must be paid for.

If they are seasonal, they are organic. Using chemicals such as fertilizers or pesticides when growing against nature is essential, since the plant must grow in a time that does not correspond to it and with unsuitable weather conditions. Also, if you buy fruits that are not in season, they probably contain residues of these chemicals.

Buying seasonal fruits and vegetables means respecting the life cycle of plants, without forcing their growth. He will return the favor by giving us incredibly tasty food.

They are more sustainable. Seasonal food is synonymous with national production. This means spending less energy in terms of transport, distribution, etc. This is important, since it leaves its mark on the planet and, consequently, on our day to day.

If you buy seasonal fruits and vegetables, you will do so knowing that you have made the most of the food, getting its best flavor and its best price.

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