scalp care

Today I teach you how to take care of the scalp

Hair care is important, but much more is taking care of what contains your hair. The scalp. I am going to explain three options depending on the type of hair you have to do a hair exfoliation at home. Using natural products available in almost all our houses.

1. FALL Exfoliation. Now more than ever we all drink coffee at home either from capsules or packaged coffee. Well, don’t throw it away, keep the used coffee (please without milk!!!) in a container.

This will serve us for a hair peeling that will also activate the circulation of our scalp. Mix a neutral or specific shampoo (of the ones we have in our barber) with the coffee in your hand, half and half (only in your hand. Do not mix in a bottle please!!!!) we give ourselves a massage and let it act for a few minutes. If we have dirty hair, it is convenient to do a first wash and then we do the exfoliation. Then we cleared up and we have achieved two operations in one.

2. Exfoliation GREASE AND DANDRUFF. If we have oily hair, we will do the same exfoliation as before, but we will change the coffee for the Sea salt. If we do not have sea salt we will use coarse salt. The salt acts as an exfoliant, eliminating dandruff and in turn stops the sweating of the scalp. Preventing the bad smell that causes grease. For its healing properties.

3. DRY exfoliation. If we have a dry or sensitive scalp to exfoliate, we will do the same, but we will change the sea salt for brown sugar. Why brown? It’s not because I like it more, but if I like it moreā€¦ it’s because it takes longer to dissolve when it comes into contact with the shampoo and water. This does not have any remarkable properties, but it will help us to exfoliate without damaging our scalp.

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