PRINCESS OF ASTURIAS AWARDS The place where Telma and Paloma Rocasolano take care of their skin with luxury cosmetics

The Queen’s mother and sister have revealed a temple of luxury from the world of beauty that has just landed.

This Friday, the Princess of Asturias Awards are held in Oviedo. A ceremony that this year will be doubly special because it marks the return of Leonor to our country and because the awards return to the Campoamor theater after the pandemic parenthesis of the last edition when they had to be delivered at the Reconquista hotel.

In addition to the royal family, the winners, authorities, and some special guests are expected to parade along the red carpet as in each edition. One of the unknowns that we believe we have cleared up in the last few hours is the presence of Queen Letizia’s family. Why do we think they will attend? As published by the magazine ‘Lecturas’ in its pages, Paloma Rocasolano and Telma Ortiz have been seen in Madrid walking through the most commercial streets of the center. But it has not been a simple encounter in the capital: Telma and her mother have gone to a luxury gadget and cosmetics store in central Serrano street to prepare her skin for such a great event.

We visited the premises in person to get a closer look at what was in this place that had caught the attention of the Queen’s family. The boutique called Opatra London is specialized in skin care. A British luxury brand that has recently opened in Madrid perceives the client in a very different way. It seems that Telma and Paloma wanted to discover the benefits of their services, among which we find treatments, formulas, and sophisticated devices with the latest beauty techniques that are authentic luxury items. To give you an idea, their gadgets start at a whopping 300 euros and go up to 14,000.

Optra is internationally known (award-winning) for creating a unique and versatile range of products and devices for all skin types. They have translated scientific advances and technological innovations into robust skincare solutions that can be applied at home.

A company founded in 2010 became famous for pioneering gadgets that allowed beauty center technologies to be brought into the home. In addition to this, they also launched a series of skin care formulas that help the skin, whatever its type, look firm, young, and luminous. They develop, design, and sell skin care for professional and home use. Attention in this trade is one of its keys: the prescriber side.

The mother and sister of Queen Letizia (who left Barcelona more than two years ago for Madrid) shared a day of shopping. They spent a good time removing make-up from their skins to be able to try all kinds of products and allowed themselves to be advised days before the appointment this Friday. From what we have been able to find out, they put themselves in the hands of one of the shop assistants to try some of her cosmetics, and they left delighted.

Sophistication versus naturalness

Although they surrounded themselves with luxury and cosmetics, there are two details of the images published in the magazine that stood out. And is that despite being surrounded by devices worth thousands of euros and putting their skin in the hands of formulas worth hundreds of others, some signs show that this family maintains naturalness in certain aspects.

Like her sister Letizia, Telma bets on the passage of time in terms of her hair. She has gray hair on the side. She is not like six out of ten women who dye them (according to a study by the Dermatological Medical Institute); Telma’s gray hair, like Letizia’s, is shown as whole and accurate.

Paloma Rocasolano, who does not give in to gray hair as her daughters do, also commits the basics, but on another level, and that is that when the matriarch of the Rocasolano hydrates her lips, she uses one of the pharmacy basics of all life, Vaseline Gal, a multipurpose product that costs around two and a half euros and that we have been able to recognize as one of the essentials that Paloma carries in her bag and which she uses regularly.

We hope to discover some more beauty tricks soon. But for now, what is clear to us with all these data is the confirmation of something we already knew (but we like to reaffirm), which is that there is a concern, and they dedicate special care to skin care in this family.

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