Scents make us identify and differentiate people, each one has their own, the same happens with houses, when you enter they have their own characteristic smell that sets them apart from the rest. As a general rule, you do not realize the one in your own house, but you can remember the one in the house of a friend or relative.

Candles are an ally to maintain an aroma that differentiates you from the rest. Those from Serendipity Spain smell wonderful and are made with natural vegetable waxes without containing chemicals, it will be like breathing the smell that flowers give off in the field, without artificial products.

Unlike the air fresheners and candles that you can buy in any store, those made of natural wax are respectful of the environment, they do not release paraffins or chemicals into the environment, nor do they depend on oil for their production. Natural wax candles last longer, have a lower melting temperature, reducing the risk of burns, and are easy to clean both from fabrics and from the glass of the candle itself, which you can take advantage of to give it a second life.

The world of aromas is a great unknown that has many benefits depending on the inner touch it contains. Citrus aromas are the most suitable for summer, they help in high stress situations to lower blood pressure and calm the nerves, the essence of lemon and citronella scare away insects while relieving headaches; those that are reminiscent of the lavender flower are the most used to soothe pain and promote a conciliatory sleep -lavender oil is used for massages and to spray a little on the pillow before going to sleep-; the aroma of eucalyptus is used to ease the breathing of people with congestion;

As you can see, the aromas of a candle can improve physical and mental health. Once you have chosen a smell that favorably stimulates your olfactory senses, you will not stop lighting your candle when you get home, turn off all the lights, open the windows to ventilate and receive fresh air, it is your moment.

In you can get the benefits of the aromas of the Premium candle with the smell of orange blossom, it comes from the orange blossom and generates calm, it is recommended for people with chronic stress or depression. Orange blossom has the benefit of filling the entire room with its aroma, especially this 400 g candle that contains two natural cotton wicks that favor a homogeneous burn.

As a novelty for this summer 2020, we have wanted to surprise you with the capsule collection that includes two new candles, In the garden and In the sea. They contain long-lasting aromas in keeping with the heat and good weather. They are also made with natural waxes. In the garden it is a mixture of tangerine, yuzu and juniper berries. In the sea it is the essence of flowers such as magnolias, roses, jasmine or lilies. All the candles that you can find on the web contain a special gift chosen by the magic of the inside.

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