Jelly Healthy Diet Program

Jelly Healthy Diet Program. Many types of diets that we can choose and implement to get the ideal body weight.

One diet program that we should try is the jelly diet.

As we know, jelly or jelly contains fiber which is good for health.

Foods that are high in fiber such as jelly do help us to feel full longer.

The gelatin in the jelly diet is used as a substitute for snacks between meals to block the stomach.

That is, we still need to control calorie intake and regulate daily eating portions while applying this jelly diet.

Jelly Healthy Diet Program

FYI, jelly that is used in the jelly diet can not be careless, yes!

we are advised to eat jelly which is low in calories and without sugar.

In general, agar made from powder contains about 65 calories.

Gelatin also includes foods that are fat-free. Jelly Healthy Diet Program.

The benefits of weight loss from this jelly diet come from the gelatin content which is high in protein as well as fiber from seaweed.

Half a glass of dissolved agar (120 ml) can contain up to 2 grams of protein.

Meanwhile, some types of seaweed, such as brown seaweed, Jelly Healthy Diet Program.
contain fucoxanthin pigments that can increase the body’s metabolic work to convert fat into energy.

This is confirmed by a study published in the journal Food Chemistry which found that alginate,
a natural fiber found in brown seaweed can help slow down intestinal fat by up to 75 percent.

Benefits of jelly diet in addition to losing weight

Besides the potential for weight loss, the jelly diet also holds a variety of other health benefits, including:

1. Good for digestion

Fiber from seaweed and glycine content in agar can help facilitate digestion.

In addition, gelatin is also able to stimulate the production of stomach acid and other digestive enzymes to make it easier for food to move
in the digestive tract.

That’s why eating jelly can prevent us from the risk of digestive problems such as diarrhea and constipation.

Better digestive health also ultimately helps the body more effectively regulate and store energy and fat reserves.

In addition, a 2002 study stated that glycine can control blood sugar and increase insulin sensitivity in people who have type 2 diabetes.

2. Sleep more soundly

Glycine is a type of amino acid contained in gelatin.

A 2012 study reported that glycine intake can increase stamina so that we are not easily tired and sleepy during the day.

Glycine also helps us sleep more soundly, you know!

Because amino acids help stimulate the brain to release drowsiness hormone melatonin in greater amounts and are stable at night.

Even though it is high in fiber and quite filling, jelly can be said to be a nutrient-poor or even zero diets.

So, we still need to meet the nutritional needs of other foods.

If not, we even risk suffering from malnutrition.

The lack of nutrient content in order to actually trigger feelings of weakness and not powered.

In addition, most products that are ready to serve on the market contain sugar.

Excessive sugar intake will be stored by the body as fat reserves.

Now, to get around the risk of added sugar that is not necessary and we are not malnourished during the jelly diet,
it helps us make our own agar at home.

Use a jelly powder with no taste that is minimal in calories and sugar, or from beef gelatin sheets dissolved in warm water.

Do not add sugar, but present a sweet taste and another nutritional intake from topping fresh fruits, such as mangoes, oranges, strawberries, to yogurt.

Good luck, girls!

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