Ikigai, the word that will make you a happier person

Ikigai is one of those words that when you know its meaning you can no longer detach it from your vocabulary. It is not just another meaning in the dictionary, but has become a philosophy of life. This Japanese word means the reason for living or the reason for being. That value that life has and for what it is worth enjoying it.

One of the areas of the country where the search for the Ikigai of each person is most deeply rooted is on the island of Okinawa, whose inhabitants are among the longest-lived in the world with up to 112 years. Perhaps one of its secrets is to enjoy the small details of everyday life such as the rituals of lighting a candle, drinking tea every day, or kimosha, which is its native citrus,… But surely a lot also has to do with finding that reason for living and being, that Ikigai.

Have you ever started doing something you love and can’t wait to do it again? Well, that’s probably your Ikigai. Many times the hectic routine and the little time we have to dedicate to oneself makes us not find our Ikigai so easily. That is why we advise you to take some time in your day to reflect on what really makes you happy. Maybe it’s a short walk in the park with your loved ones, a good book or a movie night in a room in your city… Light a candle, turn off the lights and relax while you think about your Ikigai.

At candles we love these life philosophies that make us a little happier and enjoy the little details. That is why soon our candles will have a more Ikigai meaning. If you want to discover more, you should be attentive to our following blogs.

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