The tricks to wash your hair well that you probably forget
A straightforward guide that will improve your hair’s shine, fall, and general appearance, the never-ending story is how to make my hair not weigh down after washing it. Endless conversations and an inexhaustible sense of frustration are generated around it: is it the shampoo? Am I rinsing it wrong? Why does it look half dirty if I just washed it?

Almost all of us have a technique we have repeated mechanically since the dawn of time, but nearly none of us worry about finding out if the origin of our discomfort with our hair lies precisely in how we wash it. How vital can something so simple be? A lot. Washing your hair is simple, yes, and doing it wrong too.

Scalp. The first is the first

.It is challenging to feel super clean hair if the scalp is not 100%. And it can only perform at its best if your skin is in perfect balance, free from traces of pollution and residue, and well-oxygenated. So, before shampooing, gently exfoliate with a dedicated brush to stimulate blood circulation once a week. If you have an oily scalp, apply a purifying pre-shampoo mask to remove excess oil.

Lots of water and little shampoo

Soak the hair with warm water before applying, which is very important. A small amount of shampoo (the size of a walnut, more or less) worked with the fingertips and was well distrd throughout the hair. If your habit is to add a good squirt of shampoo on the crown, you already know why your hair is heavy and dull. Use a shampoo that suits your hair type, although frequent use shampoos are great because they have a very mild formula that washes but does not add substances that weigh it down.

The hair fiber is very fragile when it’s wet, so work the hair gently (being in a hurry is no excuse to rub it with your nails as if you hate it) and then rinse slowly with water: keep in mind that one of the reasons why Those who think that your hair lasts longer clean when you go to the hairdresser is that they use a lot of water and very well distributed until the last residue is removed, the secret that the hair is light, loose and flexible.

Water temperature matters

And a lot. Hot water opens the cuticles of the hair fiber, perfect during washing so that the active ingredients penetrate and act. Once the hair has been thoroughly rinsed, a final wash of cold water is always recommended to close the cuticles, seal them, and give the hair a spectacular shine.

The place of the air conditioner

There is no perfect wash without ca conditioner: it closes the cuticle, helps detangle, and provides that beautiful light feeling. Choose the one that best suits your hair type, but use very little and only on medium and long hair, never on the scalp.

How do you remove excess water?

Another key to a good result. Wrapping it in a towel and rubbing it s a terrible idea because the crude fibers of the towel will disrupt the fiber cuticles, especially on curly hair. Ideally, use a microfiber towel or a cotton t-shirt you no longer use.

basic equipment

1. Aveda Pramasana Exfoliating Brush. It eliminates waste and stimulates circulation. The perfect start.
2. Elvive Clay absorbs excess oil and purifies the scalp.
3. Nuggela & Sulé is suitable for all hair types, but it works great when it is greasy or brittle.
4. Klorane Extra Mild Oat Milk Shampoo. For frequent use and all types of hair.
5. Conditioner for curly hair by John Frieda defines the curl and does not weigh it down.
6. Redken Extreme Conditioner, with hops extract to strengthen hair.
7. To avoid capillary fragility in long hair, Redenhair Pro-Regenerative Accelerator.

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