Many people have tried to catch a stuffed animal at a carnival and left empty-handed. These stuffed animals give even the most skilled of you a hard time!

Many people cry foul and claim that it is impossible to catch a fairground teddy bear. In reality, it is quite possible to capture a fairground stuffed animal!

We’re going to give you some valuable tips on how to win at the stuffed animal machine at the funfair!

In this article, you will discover seven tips for winning at the stuffed animal toy at the fair, some details on the origin and operation of the game. You will have all the keys in hand to be sure to leave with a stuffed animal from the fair!

7 Tips for catching a stuffed animal at the carnival!

1. Choose a machine with a small number of lint

When you want to play a game of claws to try to win a plush, it is very important to choose your claw machine!

You should be careful to choose a machine with a reasonable amount of lint. We are looking for machines with some fluff in the mess.

If you see a machine with a lot of fluff piled up next to each other, we don’t recommend choosing it! During the game, it will be very difficult to choose your target and detach it from all its partners!

2. Observe other players

Observation and analysis are very important in this type of games. In this step, we will collect some key information to develop our game strategy.

You will make sure to observe the person who plays before you in order to count the number of seconds of play, before the clamp returns to the main point.

Then you can pay attention to the features of the plush clip machine. Define how the gripper reacts to commands.

Once all this information, you can set up a game strategy!

3. Choose your target plush

This step is very important! You must choose your heart plush. However, the stuffed animal you like will not necessarily be easy to capture.

Five tips for choosing your fair stuffed toy:

Define a target plush accessible with the pliers
Be sure to check that the chosen plush fits into the clips.
Capture a compact plush with shapes (head, arms, etc.)
Choose a plush close to the chute
Not choosing the most expensive plush

4. Perform a test game

This part of the game is necessary to conclude your game strategy.

During this part, you will have to confirm the elements that you noted during the observation stage. Thus, you will take control of the machine in order to understand its game system.

Take advantage of these few seconds of play to bring your target plush closer to the chute, you will gain a few centimeters while learning to control the machine.

5. Get help from your friends

If you are accompanied, add your friend in your game strategy!

His presence can be of great help. This person will guide you to grab the plush and check that the pliers can grasp the plush in its entirety. This method will save you time.

For single people, you will find a mirror inside the machine. You can use it as an aid to control the position of the gripper.

6. Our advice during the game

Prefer stuffed animals close to the reception area of the stuffed animal
Adapt the plush to the size of the gripper
Choose a machine with a three-clamp clamp. You will have a better “grip” than a machine with two clamps.
Section your usage time so as to position the clamp and check if it will fall in the right place to capture the desired plush.
Some machines have a power cycle. The clamp will have more force every ten parts for example.
Choose a surface-accessible plush. The forceps may not be strong enough to pull out a stuffed animal that is under the weight of other stuffed animals.

7. Our warnings

Do not exceed an amount that you set for yourself before playing
Don’t be fooled by the greed. Indeed, the bigger the plush, the more difficult it will be to capture.
Prefer small plush tongs machines. Sometimes large lint machines have the same motor as small machines. This makes it difficult to pick up the big party stuffed animals!
Don’t assume all lint catchers are rigged


From now on, you have our most valuable tips for winning any game of doggy catching games!

For the most curious among you, we invite you to discover the true story of the plush machine!

Definition of a gripper machine

A claw machine, also called a cuddly toy machine, toy-catching machine, plush machine or doggie machine, is a game instrument with a game time limit.

The player has a manual control to direct a mechanical gripper in order to catch an object or several objects of the same types in a space delimited with plexiglass or glass.

The story of the soft toy catcher

At the beginning of the 20th century, the air of gambling machines made its appearance, giving way to candy machines. Here, the goal was simple, it was enough to catch a maximum of candy in a given time.

The success of this game has grown to such an extent that it is available in several versions with various objects to catch. Especially in Japan in the 1980s, lint-catching machines appeared.

The effervescence of this gaming machine went around the world and then ended up in the United States a few months after the appearance in Japan. The boom then developed in European countries.

These gaming machines have been hugely successful in Asian countries where many spaces have been dedicated to these games!

Where do you find a pliers machine?

You can find a plush claw machine in:

Arcade rooms
Shopping centers
Fair or Funfair
Cinema Hall / Bowling

Doggie game rules

The player has a claw machine equipped with a steering control to catch the stuffed animal of his choice in a limited time.

The player will insert a coin and then be able to position themselves above the fairground plush they want. He will be able to perform forward/backward or sideways movements in a horizontal plane.

He will have about thirty seconds to position himself correctly above his stuffed animal. While taking care not to be deceived by the angle of view it has.

Once the time has elapsed or when the button is pressed, the gripper will drop and close in order to grab the object to be brought back into the chute. If the object has landed in the chute, the player will have an access hatch to retrieve his stuffed animal.

You have all the information and techniques to win at the carnival clip! Let’s play, wishing you good luck!

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