How to take care of an XXL mane

Showing off long and beautiful hair is the dream of most girls, but when we get older we collide with the harsh reality and the great hair of our dreams splits the ends and loses its shine. In the end we chose to give up our dreams and ask the hairdresser for a makeover.

The care that our hair requires to have an XXL size is not that great, and if you follow our advice you will be able to keep your long hair impeccable.

Brushed. Having a good brush will be your best ally in this adventure. Always with dry hair, add at least three brushings a day to your daily routine and remember to always brush it before washing it. Begin to untangle from the ends. Bottom up. Do not hit pulls that the only thing you will achieve is to break the hair fibers.

Products. Use products to keep it clean that are suitable for your type of hair and scalp. Dry, oily, dyed… look for the shampoo that suits you best and always use it accompanied by a conditioner from the middle to the ends. If you need it, use a mask every 7-10 days to bring vitality to your hair and always remember from the mid-lengths to the ends. If your hair tends to get very greasy, you can use the mask before washing, leave it for the few minutes it needs before showering, and then use the shampoo. This way you will get hydration avoiding caking.

Washed. Massage the scalp delicately, do not use your nails and scratch as if you wanted to clean a frying pan, press gently with your fingertips so that the foam reaches the entire length of your hair. Rinse very well with plenty of water so that there are no traces of products and always use lukewarm water and if you finish with a rinse with cold water you will close the cuticle and achieve greater shine.

drying. Dry your hair with a cotton towel. You don’t have to rub or force, just press the hair and the towel absorbs moisture. Letting it dry in the open air is the best option, but we are aware that this is quite complicated, especially when it is cold or when we are in a hurry. If you have to use the dryer, do it with cold air or with low temperature, it will take a little longer, but over time, the result will be worth it. If you are going to use irons or curling irons, do not forget to put some heat protection product that will help you take care of your ends.

Toe cut. Once every two or three months, go to your hairdresser and give it a small trim, even 1-2 cm. to the tips. The hair will be healthy and will continue to grow with more shine and strength.

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