How to protect your hair from the sun

The summer is here! We have all been able to verify how high temperatures have arrived without warning and it is essential that we take measures so that our hair maintains its health and suffers as little as possible from the action of the sun.

Below we give you a series of tips to protect your hair in the summer months:

– Hydration: the sun and high temperatures favor dehydration of the hair, but we can combat it with the use of masks or some moisturizing or fortifying treatment on days when we know that the hair will be very exposed.

– Hair collected, hair protected: a super simple trick is to resort to braids, bows or pigtails to expose our hair as little as possible to the sun.

– Frequency of washing: it is essential to wash the hair more times than usual and it is highly recommended to accompany it with a milder shampoo than we normally use.

– Rest for your hair too: summer is usually synonymous with vacations and your hair deserves its own too. Give it a break and reduce as much as possible frequent habits that punish it, such as the use of the dryer, lacquers, irons, etc.

– Accessories to power: hats, ribbons, scarves or headbands will be our allies to avoid our hair long sessions of sun.

In addition to following these simple tips, if you want to keep your hair healthy this summer we recommend using the Kérastase products from the solar range, you will have shiny and soft hair, without fear of reaching September with dull hair and split ends. They are indicated for all types of hair, but especially for dry, brittle and sensitive hair. Ask us for information about these products.

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