How to identify that you have damaged hair

There are three main causes that punish the hair, coloring, heat and excessive washing.

Bleaching removes pigment from the hair, which causes cuticle damage, making it weak and more prone to breakage. If we do not hydrate and nourish it properly, the hair deteriorates, leaving the hair lifeless. For this reason, in our salons, we always recommend that if you are going to do a color job, you apply a treatment with Olaplex, which can also be done at the same time as the coloration.

At home we use more and more heat tools, irons, dryers, curling irons, etc., and now with the arrival of winter this practice is accentuated. The heat opens the hair cuticle, leaving your hair weak. Always use heat protectants before applying heat to your hair.

Another cause that damages hair is usually excessive washing. The shampoo cleanses the hair by removing dirt and excess oil, but it can also remove the natural oils it needs to be nourished and shiny. Try to space out washes or use a dry shampoo.

Once we have identified the causes that damage our hair, how can we know if we have damaged hair?

We tell you what are the main signs of damaged hair. If you feel identified, do not despair. You still have time to recover the health of your hair! Always have the diagnosis of a professional, in our salons we will determine the condition of your hair and we will provide you with the appropriate treatment to achieve healthy and cared-for hair.
#1 Split ends

This is one of the most visible signs of damaged hair and it makes our hair look not quite right.

The recommended thing to avoid split ends is to cut the ends every 2 or 3 months, avoid rubbing your head with a towel when drying it, use heat protectors before drying with thermal tools and properly nourish your hair with professional products.

#2 Dryness

If you have lost the soft texture of your hair, it is because you are not moisturizing it properly. We recommend that, in addition to using a conditioner daily, you try a treatment mask that restores moisture to your hair, find out about hydration treatments in our salons.
#3 Break and fall

Hair breakage is a sign of extreme weakness of the hair fiber, which could lead to hair loss.

#4 Tangles

If you can’t easily run your fingers through your hair when it’s wet, it may be damaged. To prevent it from getting tangled, use a wide-toothed comb in this way you will undo the knots, preventing the hair from breaking.
#5 Volume loss

When the hair fiber is not completely healthy, it loses its elasticity and, therefore, its volume. Other factors such as genetics or hormonal changes can also be responsible for fine hair.

Do you recognize any of these signs? Rest easy because there is a solution to restore health to your hair. The most important thing is that you remedy it as soon as possible because, if you don’t, the problem can increase and spread to the rest of the hair that is healthy and you may be forced to cut more than you would like. Make an appointment in our salons and put your hair in the hands of professionals.

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