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What impulsive buying is

Impulsive buying is not specified to a specific category. For example, one can impulsively buy sweets, home decor, etc. When one impulsively buys something, it is usually caused by their emotions. Unfortunately, many companies use these emotions to get consumers to purchase products based on irrational fear/thinking or hype.

Common signs of impulsive buying

If you are concerned that either yourself or something you know may be an impulsive buyer, here are some typical behaviours that an impulsive buyer would have. Namely, to seek instant gratification or satisfaction. Often in life, one can become rather stressed and anxious. These emotions can be overwhelming. Due to this, some may turn to online shopping to help them experience a sense of euphoria or happiness by purchasing random objects or clothing items. However, these emotions are short-lived and do not provide long-term help. In addition to this, many impulsive buyers will convince themselves that they need the items or, better yet, that they deserve them. Many individuals use this to justify their unnecessary spending. Furthermore, you are making purchases to keep up with an ideology.

How to reduce your stress shopping

Many impulsive buyers purchase items to help relieve stress. However, this is a temporary fix, not a permanent one. Therefore when feeling stressed, instead of browsing online, one should go for a walk, do some exercise, watch their favourite movie or talk to a loved one to air out their thoughts and emotions. By slowly incorporating more beneficial ways to cope with stress, one should slowly feel the urge to impulse buy decrease.

How to stop impulsive buying

If you want to stop impulsively buying unwanted or unneeded items, here are some helpful tips. Namely, create a strict shopping budget. This will help limit you to only purchasing needed items compared to wanted items. Furthermore, if you come across a clothing item, you must have within that moment, stop yourself and give yourself at least 24 hours to think through the purchase. This time will indicate whether or not you will indeed need the item or if you are simply buying out of impulse. In addition, while giving yourself 24 hours to think through the purchase, ask yourself why you want to purchase the item. Is it because you are seeking instant satisfaction? Lastly, step away from the screen. If you feel that you are spending too much time browsing online and making unnecessary purchases switch your phone off or place your laptop in a cupboard so that it is out of sight and therefore out of mind.

Many individuals often receive instant satisfaction from online shopping. While this does give one a sense of euphoria and an adrenaline rush, one mustn’t become addicted to those emotions and feelings. If you feel yourself becoming addicted and making unnecessary purchases, it may be time to reduce your screen time, go for a walk, or pick up a new hobby compared to shopping online.

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