How to avoid hair loss

Did you know that we lose an average of 100 hairs a day? Yes, and we get another 100 new ones, approximately. Avoiding hair loss is something that we can try, but it is also a natural process that must take its course. What’s more, in autumn that figure doubles, being able to renew 250 hairs and another 200 fall out.

Hair loss is normal, especially in autumn, so we don’t have to worry, unless we notice that the middle part is getting too wide or that they appear light. If you think it is something important, or you consider that the fall is beyond normal, we recommend that you visit your doctor to estimate the possible causes.

Avoiding hair loss is something, however, that we can avoid to a certain extent, if we believe that it is a consequence of our hair being fragile or weakened by common causes such as pollution, stress or an unbalanced diet.
Tips to prevent hair loss

Healthy diet: the deficit of certain vitamins, minerals, amino acids and trace elements in a continuous way, can favor the weakness of the hair and therefore, its fall. Healthy and strong hair is easier to achieve when our levels of iron, zinc, folic acid, biotin, vitamin D… and keratin, of course, which is largely responsible for the strength of our hair, are optimal.

Try not to stress: hair, skin and nails share the same “layer” as our nervous system, so if we are overwhelmed, nervous or restless, it will be reflected in the health of our hair. If you think about it, at times when you are most stressed, your skin becomes drier, your hair falls out more, and your nails become more brittle.

Use a suitable shampoo for your hair at home: when we want to prevent hair loss, one of the first things we do is look for a shampoo for it. What is basic, always, whether our hair falls out too much or not, is that the shampoo is the right one for our hair type. If we have dry hair and we do not give it the necessary hydration, with nourishing masks, for example, it is inevitable that we will lose more, because the hair will dry out too much. Washing your hair every day or two is not inconvenient or favors hair loss, there is no problem as long as you use the right shampoo.

Brush your hair every night, don’t be afraid if it falls out, because what you are doing is renewing your hair. In the brushing process, in addition to exfoliating the scalp, stimulating blood circulation and removing product remains, we also eliminate hair that is in the fall phase and promote the growth of new hair.

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