How do you impregnate a comforter with your scent?

You have always wondered if it was possible to add a scent to a cuddly toy. You are in the right place ! Pilou-Peluche will answer your questions by giving you some practical advice.

The importance of mum’s smell on Doudou

Stuffed animals have an important place in the awakening of the baby. Synonymous with comfort and security, your baby’s cuddly toy will help him in his difficult times. The lack of the mother, the absence of the father or even a pain that disturbs him.

His childhood comforter will be a transitional object that will create a unique bond between parents and child. In fact, the child will find the unconditional love of his parents in a small stuffed animal. The importance of the security blanket should not be overlooked in the growth of your little one.
mom smell baby comforter

From an early age, the child’s sense of smell shows signs of existence. Shortly after birth, you’ll notice little nods to the sides as your little pup likes or dislikes a scent.

Most children spend more time with their mom than their dad. The baby will recognize the smell of his mother more easily! He will smell its fragrance synonymous with a reassuring and comforting presence. Adding your perfume to a soft toy will make its cuddly toy unique and reassuring.

How to put your scent on a cuddly toy?

Does your little heart feel reassured when he plays with his sentimental cuddly toy that smells like mom? Discover our tips for adding a scent to a cuddly toy.

1. The smell of mum on Doudou by skin contact

First of all, it is necessary to wash your child’s cuddly toy to remove existing odors.

The easiest way to impregnate your body odor on your child’s cuddly toy will be to sleep with his cuddly toy in contact with your skin. During the night, your natural scent will permeate the fabrics of your plush. We advise you at least two nights so that your smell has time to settle on the comforter.
cuddly toy with mum scent

You can also put the comforter on your skin (belly, neck, chest) when you are at rest. Please spend some time with the comforter so that it is properly scented. This second trick is ideal, in this way, no risk of smell of perspiration will be deposited on the baby’s soft toy.

2. Impregnate Doudou with the scent of mum using fabrics

This method consists of depositing its scent on the baby’s stuffed animal using everyday fabrics. To do this, you can use clothes that you have just worn. We will distinguish between two types of smell on your clothes, the smell of your natural smell or that of your favorite perfume. It’s up to you to impregnate the scent that your little cat will be more likely to recognize.

The preferred fabrics for this method are:

A T-shirt
A shirt
A scarf

Underwear is not a preferred fabric for this method.

3. Perfume your stuffed animal

The question “how to perfume stuffed animals” often comes up!

We have a very simple method which consists of spraying a few drops of his favorite perfume on the plush. This process remains the fastest to impregnate a scent on a comforter.

In the case of a comforter for a child, you must take a few precautions.

Please do not use too strong a perfume which may disturb the child
Make sure the comforter is clean before spraying
Do not give the comforter to your child as soon as it is sprayed

How to keep your scent on Doudou?

Now that you know how to impregnate a perfume on the baby comforter, you are surely wondering what are the secrets to keep this smell on the soft toy.

There is no miracle solution. The smell of the plush will gradually disappear. Once you judge that this smell has disappeared, we invite you to start the same process again.

When it’s time to wash your stuffed animal, we advise you to slip a second copy of this scented stuffed animal to your child. The time of washing, it will not be sad or lost.

Note that it is important to wash the plush regularly so that it does not turn into a nest of germs.

You have just seen the importance of the mother’s scent on the child’s cuddly toy and her different methods for applying it.

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