Give magic this Christmas

Giving gifts is one of the most common displays of affection in our society and there are countless events and celebrations that are usually accompanied by a gift from those who appreciate you the most. Even on many occasions it is good that we treat ourselves to remind ourselves how important it is to love ourselves.

However, it is increasingly difficult to surprise with them. That is why candles is the most original idea both to give as a gift and to give yourself a small tribute. As always in Serendipity we let ourselves be guided by serendipity, the magic of discovering something unexpected, so you can only choose the type of product you want, what it contains inside will surprise you.

One of its star products are the candles, some surprise boxes in which you can only choose the theme and let yourself be surprised. These boxes have the most original packaging, reusing fruit and vegetable boxes and decorating them in a unique way. Among the themes to choose from are the fruit and vegetable candles, full of freshly picked products from the garden. A way to take care of your diet and that of those you love most through top quality products and a formidable flavor. In addition, this box has three different sizes to choose from.

Although if what you prefer is a much more decorative detail, you have the option of the Floral candles, a magnificent option for those who have just opened a house or for those in love with taking care of their garden. Also in this line is the candles Home, full of decorations for your interiors and accessories for your home

But without a doubt, one of the most requested boxes for this season are the Winter candles, a box full of surprises that will help to pass the cold winter in a much more bearable way. And if we are talking about cold, the Tea & Coffee candles is a safe bet for lovers of hot drinks. In addition, as it is quite a surprise, the contents of this box will surprise even the most expert in terms of infusions, so that they will be surprised by discovering new flavors thanks to candles.

But without a doubt, if there is an event in which gifts are the order of the day, it is births. That is why the brand has created the new baby candle boxes, a great choice to get your gift to a newborn right.

In addition to these beautiful boxes, the Spanish brand also has Candle, decorative candles with an unmistakable aroma that hold a surprise semi-precious stone inside, ideal for giving as a gift on any occasion.

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