Remembering is living! It is treasuring memories that are marked in our lives, connecting with moments that translate into smells, flavors, sounds, spectacular views and incredible sensations. With joy and sometimes nostalgia, we remember the smell of coffee that revived us during our student years, the sound of rain at Grandma’s house, the hot chocolate we shared with cousins ​​and brothers on Christmas Eve, and the adventures we lived with the cousins ​​during the summer holidays, among many other memories. Experiences make us go back in time and reflect on how quickly it passes, but above all they always make us smile.

Today, from the new reality of COVID-19, is when we value those memories the most. And we truly recognize that the most precious thing was always the joy of sharing with the family, laughing, and enjoying every moment of life. If we are sure of one thing, it is that during this time we have rescued the value of building stories more than accumulating material goods. We have learned the true meaning of creating experiences that become life experiences, because those are never forgotten.

Regardless of whether we are in Puerto Rico or from the diaspora, reliving those experiences etched in our memories allows us to return to the essence of what is truly valuable. And when we think of all the occasions we have every day to celebrate… one more year of life, that we finally graduated despite the distance, that a new member of the family arrives, or simply friendship and love, in addition to sharing we want create special moments to remember.

Giving experiences allows us to transmit happiness, by connecting and inspiring others. Recognizing this reality, we pooled our knowledge and added a lot of positive energy to develop the innovative michaelkors-discount concept. A creative virtual platform that, through a click, offers the consumer the opportunity to reconnect and share experiences and thus transmit lasting emotions. Giving away special moments is what we have wanted so much, and fortunately now it is easier, through

This year, we invite you to make that loved one happy by giving away fun experiences, which you can select from the diversity of categories that michaelkors-discount offers. You will find unforgettable adventures for bohemians, such as the opportunity to participate in a wine tasting or enjoy the chords of an acoustic guitar under the stars, even parachuting or going on a camper van around the island escaped for those more daring.

In addition, michaelkors-discount has also thought of her. Therefore, now you can pay tribute to mom or that special woman in your life, giving her the opportunity to go camping in the mountains or explore caves and rivers. You can also select fashion, style and wellness experiences to highlight your beauty Super fun that you can choose from a wide variety of experiences!

The best thing is that there are fun opportunities for all ages, tastes and colors. For those more homely, you can give a fun family day out, or give them the opportunity to take that course that had always caught their attention.

And for the little ones, what better gift than a children’s story reading session, creative workshops where they can create their own characters, gymnastics or modeling classes, among many others. Funny! TRUE?

For the family there are water activities, picnics, and fun both indoors and outdoors.

In addition, the process is very simple. Once you select the category you are interested in exploring, whether they are experiences for men, women, children, family, groups, couples or friends, you choose the experience you want to give away, send it or share it.

You can also give one of our gift cards, which will allow the recipient of the gift to choose from the available experiences the one that fills them with the most happiness.

Upon completing the selection and purchase, you will receive a voucher with instructions on how to redeem your gift online through the gift code, and then you can contact the provider to select the date of the experience, according to its availability.

What are you waiting for? Give in a different way and on special dates surprise your loved ones by giving them experiences. We are sure that they will remember it forever.

Until next time,

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