GASTRONOMY AND CHAMPAGNE – The Grand Vintage with which you will want to pair a good menu

Chef Nandu Jubany creates an autumn menu washed down by one of the best champagnes in the world.

Pairing with a glass of good champagne finally has its place of honour in the top gastronomy. Beyond the toast as a final touch, it is increasingly enjoyed during lunch or dinner. And it is that this refreshing and slightly acid wine that in 2020 sold 246 million bottles worldwide has chameleon virtues that make it combine with any dish. That is why Maison Moët & Chandon presents the essence of its Grand Vintage 2013 at the hands of the Michelin star chef Nandu Jubany, ambassador of Grand Vintage in Spain. He does it with an exclusive autumn menu at his Can Jubany restaurant in Barcelona.

Exclusivity as a premise

To whet your appetite, we will say that the French house’s Grand Vintages are sparkling wines that possess the unique qualities of the great grapes of a specific vintage. Since 1842, the Maison has produced 74 vintage champagnes, and Moët & Chandon owns one of the most prestigious collections in the world. These are authentic originals, created around the freedom of interpretation of the chef de cave or cellar master from a selection of the most notable wines of the year. In this case, we are talking about the 2013 vintage, the 75th Grand Vintage and the 44th Grand Vintage Rosé de la Maison, made from grapes harvested in the fall of that year, which managed to capture the maturity of their latest harvest in 30 years…

And how is the 2013 Grand Vintage vintage? It has a marked structure and an emotional balance on the palate; the system is slightly marked by chardonnay at 41%, balanced by pinot noir at 38% and enveloped by Meunier at 21%: the result is a dynamic and unique mix. When the 2013 Grand Vintages were born, the golden and brown vines, next to the hills dressed in reds and oranges, were the inspiration of chef de cave Benoît Gouez, who compares the result of these super-exclusive sparkling wines with photography: “Creating a blend for a Grand Vintage from the house is like working with photographic negatives: you can see the shapes and contours, you can be sure of the result, but not what the photo will look like until after it has been developed”.

Tradition and modernity, hand in hand

Nandu bets on a menu paired with the Grand Vintage 2013 and the Rosé 2013, in which, for example, the cod cheeks with pilpul sauce with caviar, the grilled veal marrow with steak tartare and truffle or the crusted rice with prawn stand out. of Palamós, in the Empordá. In short, quality traditional and modern cuisine combined with the Grand Vintage, for which the chef acts as ambassador in Spain. In addition to its Can Jubany restaurant, you can try it at Pur-Import, Barcelona, and its Pecador beach bar in Ibiza. What is difficult for you to do? You can visit the select shops and bistro restaurants where these Grand Vintages are available or Moët & Chandon’s online food pairing platform at

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