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It’s summer, and we have to enjoy it… We deserve it! We have been unable to share with our friends as we did before, and as we get closer and live the new normal, we are resuming some of the activities, meetings, walks, and “hangouts” with due precaution and measures that guarantee the safety of all.

I don’t know about you, but I am ready to meet again with the different groups of friends and plan fun activities and meetings that make us feel that we have returned to “normal.” We all have our dotherjangueo crews… among them, the one from your sport, the one from High School friends, the roommates, the panas from the university or College, the one from the friends of the kids, the church group, and many others that we have developed through our different stages. With each one of them, we live dynamic and have fun in different ways. The activities we share may be other, but there is always something in common… we create memorable moments that last and become part of our next meeting and “beyond” every time we remember them. They become infinite memories.

Giftfully makes it easy for you to choose and plan fun activities and experiences that you can do with your mixed crowds of friends. Change the environment, do something different, something you always thought you wanted to do together, plan a weekend meeting in the countryside, on the beach or in another town, learn a new sport together, or visit that place you had not yet known are excellent options. Here are some ideas to explore so you can plan that get-together or group getaway and surprise your friends these summer days and weekends.

Invite your group of friends, choose your favorite “spot,” either outdoors or indoors, and share a musical experience with your people. Let yourself be carried away by the rhythm of the music! In this musical meeting, Jamming to the Groove, it will be easy to imagine that you are in the Mediterranean, between a fusion of Arabic and Spanish music rhythms, accompanied by guitarist Amin Rezgui, and connecting with the energy of World Music and Jazz Groove. Different and, between friends, fantastic.

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2. Visit a place you say you know, but enjoy from a different perspective. You can tour Old San Juan through a culinary tour during sunset while also learning about its history. There are thousands of things to see and places to snack and pose (camera ready). Re-discover our culture through a gastronomic tour of the beautiful walled city of Old San Juan. And enjoy both traditional and modern Puerto Rican cuisine and culture. You will taste various foods and drinks, and you will be able to savor delicious iconic and creative dishes, as well as unforgettable cocktails with local ingredients:— a genuinely Puerto Rican and entertaining experience to share.

3. You don’t have to have your pool to enjoy a dip with friends. Change your routine and enjoy a day out in a hotel pool area. Pool Day Passes are an excellent option to spend a few hours relaxing and refreshing yourself. Take a break, treat yourself and a couple of friends to an afternoon of sun and swimming pool, and you will feel like you are on vacation!

4. PR INTERIOR TOURSCreate your group and go on an expedition to the natural good. Share the adrenaline that will provoke adventure and become explorers of caves, and underground rivers, discover petroglyphs, swim in the river body rafting, walk along trails, and do yagüa racing. A private forest can be the perfect setting for this getaway, take pictures and then remember this epic adventure in the mountains. A day with friends full of a-dre-na-li-na that they will love to remember!

5. Imagine a park of zip lines and suspension bridges surrounded by El Yunque, exclusive for you and your group of 20 friends! How cool! Everyone will share the adventure of jumping and crossing hanging bridges and walking trails through beautiful landscapes while learning and being enchanted by the majestic sounds of nature.

6. Also, you can make a group to learn a sport that relaxes and entertains them. How about golf among friends, plus a Pro? Yes, a Pro! You choose your group of 4 and decide to have a great time while learning techniques of this sport in the company of a Golf Pro. After a couple of practices, play, compete and then celebrate by recharging your batteries in the restaurant and bar on the course.

7. And if you love going shopping, a fashion night with private access and a “fashion stylist” for you and your friends sounds fabulous, and if it involves social awareness and textile recycling, much better. They can try on runway modeling, take photos and select their favorite pieces of clothing while enjoying a cocktail and toasting. Make your group of friends and have a BFF Party: Bubbles and Fabulous Fashion Night Out Party. Great and mega fun!

Make your group enjoy an exclusive tasting with exquisite premium Puerto Rican rums. Savor the best cocktails with world-class rums, tasting select editions from the four best-known distilleries in Puerto Rico: Serrallés, Bacardí, Barrilito, and Trigo, in an environment full of color and a charming place located in the heart of Old San Juan. . Live this experience inspired by the stories of Puerto Rican rum distilleries with your “pants” or group of friends, who will indeed have a great time.

I already want to do them all! Dale, visit our section of ideas to give yourself or give experiences that they can share in a group. Dare to live the joy that only special moments, surrounded by your people, can cause and enjoy your summer. Oh, follow us on Instagram and Facebook and share!

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