From the most primitive light to the most glamorous element of decoration, the origin of candles

Currently, candles fulfill an aesthetic and decorative function within our homes, businesses… providing a feeling of warmth to the environment that is also usually accompanied by an aroma that invades the rooms. But, what was the function of the candles in the past?

Since the Stone Age, men illuminated their caves with completely rudimentary candles that they made with animal fat and added a wick. However, it was not until the Egyptian civilization that the use of this object became more popular among the population to illuminate houses, temples and public places. In this case, they used vegetable oil with papyrus wicks, thanks to which the unpleasant odors produced by burning candles of animal origin during past times were reduced.
It is from the Middle Ages when the use of beeswax is introduced, but due to its high cost it could only be used by the church and the highest social classes.

It is not until the 19th century that the greatest advances in the manufacture of candles occurred, due to the discovery of stearic acid and paraffin. In addition, the revolution in industrial systems facilitated the mass production process, which is why its use began to spread as the main method of lighting.
This function was displaced with the appearance of the electrical system and from the 80s candles began to be sold in a multitude of sizes, shapes and colors.

Currently the options are very varied, and the aroma has become an essential element by which the customer makes one decision or another in the purchase process. Aromatherapy for its part has become a way to achieve both physical and mental well-being, and the choice of one aroma or another can determine the function of the candle; stress reduction, counteract depression or insomnia, stimulant…

From candles we want to preserve this beautiful tradition, offering a 100% natural candle with an aroma that will transport you to orange and orange blossom fields, all from the magic of serendipity for which you will find a gift inside.

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