Friend, short hair with bangs

It looks like the top hairstyle for spring 2021 will be… -drumroll- short hair with bangs!

If you have long hair and want a radical makeover, now is the time. The pixie with long bangs is sweeping the celebrities. Adriana Ugarte and Irina Shayk wear it and it looks great on them. What are you saying? You dare?

We know that it is a risky bet and that saying goodbye to your beloved long hair can be quite a drama for you… So we are going to tell you three reasons why this blunt pixie with bangs is actually a success:

Bye Bye dryer (and iron)

This cut is super comfortable and easy to manage. Your hair will dry in no time and you can also easily comb your hair with your hands. Come on, you’ll be ready to go in two minutes.

It has roll

If you are tired of wearing the same cut as always and want to innovate, we can’t think of a better time or a better hairstyle. This look is as original as it is flattering.

It’s antiaging, like your night cream

Short hair with bangs or ‘choppy pixie’ is a hairstyle with a natural and youthful air that will take a few years off your identity card. Also, if you combine it with lighter highlights at the ends, you will add a touch of light to your face and sweeten your features.

Perfect for cleaning hair

One of the best ways to restore shine and strength to your hair is to give it a good trim. And we can’t think of a better occasion than this, to bet on this megatrend.

Casual pixie + long and irregular bangs

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