The health alert that our country is experiencing and the consequent state of alarm caused by the coronavirus is conditioning our lifestyle in all aspects (personal relationships, daily habits, leisure…) and it may be the case that it influences health of our hair

For this reason, at Koupas Peluqueros we recommend paying special attention to food during the confinement period and that, as far as possible, we also take care of it from within, consuming foods that improve the appearance and texture of our hair.

Below we list a series of foods that we can easily find in any supermarket and that will help us maintain healthy hair:

– Nuts: Walnuts, almonds and pumpkin seeds especially help combat premature hair loss due to their high content of healthy fats and high zinc content.

– Green shoots (spinach, chard, lettuce…): naturally stimulate the segregation of substances responsible for maintaining hair health, such as biotin, just like carrots with their melanin contribution.

– Eggs: they mainly provide vitamin B12 and its nutrients provide volume, shine and texture to our hair.

– Dairy (milk, yogurt, cheese…): the health of the pilot follicle and its anchorage to the scalp will be reinforced thanks to the large amount of vitamins that they provide us.

– Citrus (orange, kiwi, grapefruit…): restore shine and serve as a natural conditioner, eliminating toxins.

In addition to taking care of the health of our hair, these foods take care of our entire body, providing it with essential nutrients that will help us stay healthy during confinement, and they can be consumed in a thousand ways!

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