floral candles

Getting an original gift is more and more complicated and if you are a fan of cooking, the options are greatly reduced. Some cooking instrument, recipe books or even an apron are widely used options that do not show everything we want to say.

But thanks to candles box this problem has a solution. The Spanish company presents floral candles, the best option to give to the most cooks, a useful, beautiful gift and full of love.

On this occasion, the recycled fruit boxes are filled with aromatic plants to be able to add fresh herbs to the dishes and enhance their flavour. Mint, rosemary, basil, all the plants you want to accompany your creations.

The composition of the boxes will depend on the plants that are in season, but what is certain is that the magic of serendipity will play a fundamental role in ensuring that the plants that are included are the ones that best match the personality of the chef of the house.

The essence of each candles box resides in the fruit and vegetable boxes that are recycled to give them a second life with much more style. Exclusive designs are created with colorful prints of which you will hardly find a pair and since they are handmade there will be no two identical boxes, each one will be unique.

Each floral candle basket will not only be a small corner to go to when cooking, but will also be another decorative element for the kitchen that will give it a fresh and sophisticated air. In addition, the smell of aromatic plants will permeate the entire space.

Each chef has his own stamp and thanks to floral candles he will be able to enhance his essence.

From candles box we give a second life to the boxes, letting yourself be carried away by their magic and giving them a third is up to you.

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